The University of Phoenix offers a great many programs to its alumni, including the option for attaining graduate or undergraduate certificates, or continuing education through the attainment of a Master’s degree. A review of these different programs and certificates offers insight into the potential avenues of future study upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (BSHA) program. Of the different alternatives available to a student who has completed the BSHA program through the University of Phoenix, the program that I would be most likely to consider in continuing my education would be a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in addition to a Masters in Health Administration (MHA).
The reason for this particular program’s selection is that the completion of such a program would provide me with the skills necessary to work as an executive in the field of healthcare management. The completion of the BSHA program would serve as the foundational knowledge necessary to operate within the field of healthcare, while the MBA would offer the skills necessary to be able to aid in the running of a healthcare organization. The pairing of the MBA and the MHA is one suggested by the University of Phoenix, ensuring that the individual who completes such a program is as prepared as possible for working within the field in an executive level position.

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While there are many different potential choices available when it comes to the pairing of a completed BSHA with a masters or certificate program, the MBA, MHA pairing serves to provide the greatest potential for advancement, while at the same time providing a fallback, should work within the healthcare sector become overwhelming. It is for these reasons that, if I were to consider moving forward with additional education programs following the completion of the BSHA program, these would be the advanced options that I would select.