It is expected that the most common channel to purchase the product will be either through online scheduling of pickup and delivery or from walk in customers who are requesting delivery of a specific item.

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The information that we will need from the customer to process a sale will be their name, their address, their phone number, whether the person sending the package or the person receiving the package will be paying for the delivery, their payment information, the name of the person who will be receiving the parcel for delivery, the recipient’s address, the preferred delivery time for the item, and the contents of the package, thus ensuring that there is nothing illegal being delivered.

The payment is taken either at the time the item is picked up for delivery or at the time the item is delivered, depending on the preference of the parties involved. No partial payments will be accepted initially, however, as the business grows, it is possible that we will add in an additional payment option, allowing the party of the first part to pay for half and the party of the second part to pay for the other half on receipt of the parcel.

The quality control checks that will be taken will be a review of the delivery person’s process once every two weeks or at the time a complaint is received, whichever comes first. This will ensure that all delivery persons are behaving in the appropriate manner.

Sales are directly connected to the marketing and customer service process. Marketing is designed to generate business, and customer service will ensure that word of mouth spreads, allowing this secondary form of marketing to increase overall business as well.