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Creation of Brief
Why are we advertising?
To raise our product’s awareness in the market, leading to high sales.
To whom are advertising?
Our advertisement is directed towards both existing and new customers

What do they currently think?
Currently they think our competitors can offer better products and services.
What do we want them to think?
Our products and services are the best.
What is the single most persuasive idea or unique Selling Proposition about our product?
We produce variety to cover all classes of people in terms of cost and fashion.

What is our support to help them believe it?
Our shops or stores are well stocked with all the products we produce.
What is the personality of the product or service?
The product is built around quality for the customer.
What media will we use to transmit this message effectively?
Social media, because of its high speed message transmission and world wide coverage.

Social Media
Product and service marketing around the globe require speed, accuracy and wide coverage. Based on this, social media is the best positioned advertising media to help Oakley Sunglasses market its products in the modern business market. Apart from speed, accuracy and wide coverage enjoyed by social media, it is important to take note of Oakley’s customer or market structure. Most of the customers who enjoying using sunglasses and other sport eye ware are the young adults. It is therefore important for the company to choose an advertising media which will cover its targeted customers easily. A number of research studies have revealed that the youths or young adults are the major users of social media.

This is a clear implication that using the social media will largely promote Oakley Sunglasses marketing among the youths who form the major base of the company’s market. Social media like any other marketing avenue requires high organization in order to ensure accurate information is delivered. In designing plans or strategies of using social media as an advertising avenue Oakley Sunglasses must consider the fact that social media messages spread very fast hence the need for product information accuracy. In most cases, social media messages are obtained even those with no access to social Medias through word of mouth (Zarrella 2010, pp. 13-17). It is therefore important for Oakley Sunglasses as a company of international stature to ensure the needed accuracy in its product information delivery.

Social media advertising involves the use of vehicles or avenues like well designed company websites, face book and twitter accounts managed by the company for the sake of product advertisement. Company website is the starting point of all effective social media advertising. Oakley Sunglasses is expected to design a quality website with all sections needed for product information and instant response to customer concern (Evans & Mckee 2010, pp. 21-25). This kind of website will raise customer interest towards the company’s products thus convincing to believe in the company’s product quality. Apart from the website Oakley Sunglasses must also use the power of face book and twitter to penetrate the market. It is important to note that face book and twitter accounts are the most accessed social site by young adults. Based on this, it is important for Oakley Sunglasses to take this opportunity to enjoy the faster speed of message transmission brought about by face book and twitter. Face book and twitter are the main social sites believed to have passed the test of wide coverage and speed of information transmission. It is vital to listen in of the fact those technological advancements in terms electronics has allowed the youths to access internet anywhere thus exposing them to face book and twitter on daily basis.

Home Advertisement
Successful companies around the globe must deploy all-round advertisement avenues to ensure the success of their products in the market. Oakley Sunglasses as an international company is very much aware of the need to be complete in order to obtain the much needed market success. Based on this, Oakley Sunglasses has deployed high usage home advertisement involving street furniture, bill boards and the transport industry. Effective marketing is always expected to handle the important element of marketing mix which is required to take of issues like promotion and place. This implies that the choice of marketing media must place the role of promoting and placing the product in the right mind in the market. Oakley Sunglasses idea to deploy the use of street furniture as avenue for home advertisement was an accurate and effective step. Using street furniture is effective in the sense that they are accessible by many both old and young. Additionally, it is important to take note of the fact that product messages on street furniture are passed to the customer at no cost (Hahn 2003, pp. 17-21). However, to ensure effective use street furniture the company must conduct important research to ascertain ever busy streets which can be used to promote its products effectives. This is because furniture in idle streets will deny a number of people the chance get important product information (O’guinn, Allen & Semenik 2012, pp. 32-34).

Billboard is another important advertising avenue deployed by Oakley Sunglasses, the use of billboards is driven by the fact that their sizes are big enough to let everyone take note of the message. It is very rare to find any billboard ignored by many people. In most cases they are used as reference points thus giving the more advertising power. Transport industry is another important avenue which Oakley Sunglasses must exploit to pass its product information. The mobility involved in transport industry implies that product message can reach people at any point. Based on this, it is also important for Oakley Sunglasses to choose active transport companies to help steer effective product market.

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