Stimulus generalization: Take for example the coffee creamer. The store brand coffee creamer is available in similar flavors to that of International Delights creamer. The shape of the container is similar, as is the color of the bottle. They both have cups of coffee on the bottom with the representation of the light color of the creamer in the cup. Another generalization is the shredded cheese. The Kroger brand is packages similar to Kraft in color, package shape, and size. The color of the package changes for the type of cheese that is being sold.
Stimulus discrimination: Voss water is a perfect example of product discrimination. Currently, there are no companies that have mimicked the round bottle shape the Voss uses to attract their customers. Other big name water businesses and even the generic ones use the traditional shape water bottle. Pringles round chip cans was another example of stimulus discrimination. However as of recent Lays has provided their version of the round can along with the store brand option that is now sold in a round can.

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The article discusses how customers are shifting towards store brands even though the prices of the store brands have been increasing. Personally, there have been similar experiences when selecting products. Target and Kroger brand products offer the same value as the big names, and they are available at a lower price. Even though the stores brands prices are increasing, they still provide the same value of a product, just at a cheaper cost. It is challenging the name-brands because customers are finding ways to get the products they need or want at a fraction of the cost.