Moath Amarneh, Palestinian media personnel was shot in the eye while on the line of duty. Regardless of wearing the press-coated vest which should keep him safe, the questions asked are whether the bullet was shot mistakenly or intentionally. The incident took place during a protest by Palestinian citizens against a perceived grabbed land where the Israeli officials had occupied. Attempts to rush him to the hospital were futile as doctors could barely save his left eye. The issue has attracted the interests of the International Federations terming it a total impunity by the Israeli soldiers. The United Nations General Assembly in specific was questioned to assure journalists of their safety so that the press can enjoy the freedom of media in Israel as in other parts of the world.

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Campaign on Social Media
Palestinian journalists and journalists across the world have sprung a massive solidarity campaign to show oneness with the Palestinian photo-journalist. Several journalists uploaded pictures of themselves on social media with the left eye covered. Solidarity marches were also systematized while carrying banners with information to pass to the victims of the impunity. The wife to Amarneh said that her husband was stable though he was assigned several surgical operations. To the dismay of many, there has not been any statement by an Israeli official to offer an apology.

Oppression of Palestinian Journalists by Israeli Soldiers
Amarneh’s case is just one in many shootings that have occurred in the recent past. In 2018, Yaser a Palestinian journalist was shot in the chest and succumbed the following day during coverage at the Gaza border. Yaser was equally in a jacket labeled press. During that period, several other press members sustained serious bullet injuries. The Israeli soldiers at the moment claimed that terrorists have been hiding behind the press with an intention to assault them in the process of coverage by the media organizations. Palestinian president condemned the mass murder by the Israeli military. He instructed the representative in the European Union and Arab League to condemn by all mean the attack on unarmed demonstrators. The United Nations have blamed the Israeli military for what is perceived to be intentional shootings on civilians and the press too in the process. The panel stated in a statement that the media personnel and the health officials are highly targeted by Israeli snipers. Israel refuted the assertions and labeled them mere biased.

Risk of Being a Palestinian Journalist
Decades down the line, Israel has imposed rough treatment on Palestinian journalists, blocking them from airing news from their backyard and in most occasions putting the lives at danger. Since the year 2000, the Israeli government press office ceased to authorizations to Palestinian journalists regardless of the statute of their employers. The Government Press Office is through pass to most of the checkpoints in functions called by army officials. Similarly, Israel does not recommend the official accreditation by the Palestinian Minister for Information to Palestinian journalists rendering them useless. By that, it is clear that Israel considers Palestine an enemy with all its components.

The tension that has already been created dismantled the loyalty that existed between Palestine and Israel. Any attempt by Palestinian journalists to cover the true story of the crimes and violation of human rights by the Israeli soldiers is rendered impossible as some of them are shot, arrested, or charged falsely with crimes. Israel can take no chance to and allow Palestine to the occupied lands, for example, the West Bank to cover the actual actions by the Israeli soldiers. The existing tension in Palestine land is as a result of young states occupying Palestine territories with force against the Palestine law. Victims have claimed that the international organizations have failed them in seeking justice for the crimes committed by the soldiers. Renowned media houses, for instance, CNN, BBC, and Aljazeera, among others should join hands with their Palestine colleagues without biasness to demand the for justice summon Israeli soldiers through their government to adhere with the international policies for the human rights and allow all accredited journalist to exercise their right.