The works of ‘The Design and Making of Stonehenge and ‘The Great Stupa at Sanchi’, are extreme examples of megalith stonework that is seen by many to be mystical and spiritual in nature given the immense complexity required for a seemingly non-technological society to engineer and fashion together the stone monolith. Specific to Stonehenge, the megaton block of stones used to build and develop the monolith had to be quarried and brought to the site to which the monolith was erected. The Great Stupa at Sanchi was among many stupas built between the 3rd century BCA and the 9th century. The intricacy of the design of the Great Stupa is more complex with regard to the actual carvings and building of the artistic value of the structure when compared to Stonehenge. Each was built in before modern times, which indicates a level of sophistication within each piece that will remain timeless.

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Guernica by Pablo Picasso is a painting that although is not a stone monolith or a timeless burial mound adorned with beautiful pillars and considered a monument of ancient artwork, is a powerful rendition of the Nazi’s slaughtering during the Spanish Civil war. The piece is extraordinarily detailed when viewing the piece closely and reflects human emotion through art.

The Picasso piece differs from the previous two pieces because the Picasso piece was intended to be art. This work is intended to provide an art form to an event that has absolutely no art contained inherently within. A bloodbath is depicted as a sad event with human remorse seen through expressions of pain and shock at what is occurring. The artwork does not require the amount of resources that was required to develop Stonehenge and The Great Stupa, to which the Great Stupa is 120ft across and 54ft high (excl. railing and umbrella).

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