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Modern Conflicts

Is the United States Involved in a Second Cold War With Russia?

The United States and Russia had initially been involved in the first Cold War soon after the World War Two. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked the end of the Cold War. However, the recent altercations between Russia and the United States regarding issues such as the...

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Public Administration Challenges in Rwanda

The Rwandan Civil War which took place from 1990 to 1994, was a major geo-physical force that has dramatically affected public administration in this region of the world. As a result, there have been tremendous public administration challenges faced by the country as a result of this destructive and divisive...

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George W. Bush and the War on Terror

The president has declared war – not on any nation, but on terror itself. I am wary. His language is broad and aggressive. He has suggested that the United States will take action, not just toward the countries that terrorists come from, but also against any country that aids or...

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Qatar VS Bahrain

In the history of the International Court of justice (ICJ), the Qatar v. Bahrain Maritime Delimitation and Territorial case was the longest and most complex case. This case began on 8th July 1991. 29thMay to 29th June 2000 was the period which the public hearings of the court case was...

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Push and Pull Factors of Syrian Refugees

People have always moved about the globe, from one region to another. The reasons for their movements have been varied. In the past, when humans were mostly hunters and gatherers, their movements were motivated by the abundance of resources - they travelled to where the resources were. Today, people can...

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Islamism and Transnationalism

Globalization has played a large role in the expansion of Islamic movements and ideas in a variety of ways. One of the largest impacts of globalization has been associated with the injection of Western liberal ideas and actions into circles that had been formerly made up of conservative Muslims. As...

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American Sniper

American Sniper is a biographical film about war hero Chris Kyle. The movie loosely based on the novel about his life. It follows the life of Chris Kyle, U. S. Navy S.E.A.L Kyle became one of the deadliest snipers, serving four tours in the Iraq War, with over 255 kills...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction: Possibility of an Attack on the U.S. soil Using a WMD (CBRNE)

Terrorism is an international threat that has proved to be very detrimental for the past few decades. At the advent of technological advancements, terrorists are moving a notch with regards to the establishment of lethal weapons of mass destruction. The US and its allies are thus at a higher chance...

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Syria Chemical Weapons Attacks

Civil conflict in Syria began in 2011 and was caused as its president, Basher al-Assad, sent the military to quash ongoing domestic unrest. Since then, the clash between the Assad regime and Syrian rebels has grown in complexity, as it now involves a number of other countries, such as the...

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Research Proposal for US Foreign Policy in Iraq 2003

One of the most influential events of the past 15 years was the US invasion of Iraq. The invasion was highly controversial and resulted in a lot of backlash against the United States. Recently there has been an increased effort to fight ISIS in Syria and many claim that this...

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Iraq after the U.S. Invasion

The research will focus on democracy which is a broad concept that refers to the rule by the majority. Ideally, in a democracy sovereign power is vested with the people who may choose to either exercise directly or through elected representatives. Many countries across the world have adopted democracy as...

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Iraq War (2003-2011)

Iraq War, also known as the Second Persian Gulf War, lasted from 2003 until 2011. The war was initiated by the U.S., with major support from the U.K. as well as minor support from certain other allies. The origin of Iraq War lies in Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990...

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The Size And Structure Of The Turkish Armed Forces

The Turkish army has a population of 500 thousand people. In case of a military conflict it can be increased to 900 thousand. The troops of Turkey are completed on the recruiting basis and the age limit is from 20 to 21. The compulsory military service lasts from six to...

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Nigerian Civil War

The Nigerian Civil War also referred to as “the Biafra war”, was a three-year-long war that lasted from July 1967 until January 1970. The war broke out when the governor of southeastern part of Nigeria and the easterners decided to withdraw from Nigeria and become an independent state (Bird &...

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Movie Review: Doctor Strangelove

The movie Doctor Strangelove is a political satire by Stanley Kubrick which was made with the purpose of showing viewing audiences what can happen if the wrong type of leader were to have the power literally at their fingertips to destroy the world. This is the power that both America...

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Uprising of Khurdad 15

One of the most common genres in the film industry is a romantic comedy. Romantic stories always contain two characters that fall in love. In the romantic films, the two individuals face trial and error when they try to make their relationship work, which lead to comedic and funny situations....

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The Iran-Iraq War and the CBRN

The 1925 Geneva Protocol, an international treaty, specifically disallowed the use of chemical and biological weapons in warfare. While there were other instances of violations of the treaty, by far the most high-profile is the case of the Iran-Iraq War, which lasted from 1980-1988. Partly because of the international reaction...

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Morality Issue: Russia’s Annexation of the Crimean Peninsula

“There’s an old saying: ‘Even the Devil can quote Scripture.’ Just because people or countries claim their actions are justified does not make it so. The task for them, as we’ve strongly asserted, is to show that their subjective beliefs correspond to objectively defensible standards and to inter-subjectively plausible evidence.”...

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China-Japan Senkaku Islands Dispute

According to constructivist theorists, words and actions are the basis of peaceful or chaotic societies. They also claim that the nature of society determines the actions and words that people use. Constructivists argue that values, ideas, and beliefs influence the identity of the state. They determine the strategies and policies,...

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Reasons the United State has not armed the Syrian rebels

In the context of international relations, realism is an approach that perceives global politics as being guided by the competitive individual interests, which are rooted in the human nature. It is concerned with the determination of facts and the drawing of conclusions using reason. According to this perspective, the international...

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