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Modern Conflicts

The Effect of ISIS/ISIL Terror on the Local and Global Economy

Introduction Terrorism is a concept well known to almost all human beings. It is the use of violence against non-combatant populations for the sake of achieving a political or social goal that the group cannot achieve in any other way. As is well known, it relies on a secret cellular...

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Ethnicity and the Israel/Palestine Conflict

Among the most persistently volatile regions in the world today, and for decades past, has been the portion of the Middle East formerly known as Palestine. The conflict began roughly in 1948, when the state of Israel was officially recognized by most of the world; though there were certainly some...

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USA Iran Relationship and Conflict

The United States’ relationship with Iran have been marked by open enmity ever since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Although unprecedented progress has been recently achieved in the U.S.-Iranian relationship, as Iran signed a nuclear agreement and got its long-awaited sanctions relief, “the wall of mistrust between Washington and Tehran...

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Conflict Resolution In Syria

The big question with regards to Syria is whether there is a possible solution in place. Many people are arguing where there is hope for resolution, or the war will continue for another ten years. Humanitarians are busy looking for a better way to support individuals caught up inside the...

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Who Bears the Greatest Responsibility for the Arab-Israel Conflict, 1948-1973?

One of the most important historical events that shapes modern geo political relations is the Arab-Israel Conflict that lasted from 1948 to 1973. Indeed, many could rightfully claim that this conflict is ongoing. One could even go so far as to suggest that the modern war of the West vs...

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Poverty and Conflict in South Sudan

The United Nations has recently reported that South Sudan is suffering from record-breaking levels of hunger, despite the fact that it is harvest time for many staple crops in the region. And this is in a country that has traditionally been stricken by hunger and poverty. Having gained independence from...

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Conflicts between Palestine and Israel

Whereas Palestinians and Jews had periodic conflicts in the late 19th and early 20th century, with the presence of new Jewish immigrants in the traditional Holy Land, an "official" beginning of the conflict between Palestine and Israel begins with the establishment of the Israeli State according to the document "The...

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