Facebook is a social media website that debuted in 2004. Many might consider Facebook to be the most popular social media website in use. The technology associated with becoming a massive social media empire relies on coding algorithms. However, artistic creativity plays a large roll in this technology in the form of design, visual presentation and relating to the average Facebook user’s sensibilities. What is truly impressive about Facebook is that it is a network of tremendous proportions. Approximately 1 billion people are on face book. It is a way of communicating with the world that is more socially acceptable than ever before. Furthermore, it is a publicly traded company. There is no doubt that this tech firm has had an impact on society.

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TiVo debuted in 1999, but it really became popular in the following decade. Essentially, TiVo was just a recording device, but it made recording so much easier. People did not have to schedule time to watch a television show at the specific moment the show was airing live. They could now easily record and manage a huge library of television shows and movies that could be accessed at any time they wanted to, so loang as they were saved on the TiVo. This technology paved the way for the ubiquitous digital video recorder (more popularly referred to by its acronym, DVR) that are part of almost all cable packages nowadays. DVR’s are so popular that the acronym is now regularly used as a verb among many people throughout the US. It is also a parent technology of so many of the products in use today by the average television viewer. TiVo was the one that started all of this. It has definitely changed society. It is also

The universal serial bus (better known as USB) is a technology that debuted in 1996. It is a means of data transfer from a device to another device. There is one device among countless USB related products that stands out from the rest, the USB flash drive. With the portable flash drive, and the omnipresence of USB capable devices, people could move large amounts of information around, collaborating with others and sharing with others. This could be done as easily as one carries a set of keys in their pocket. Furthermore, because these flash drives are so small and allow for carrying so much data, the information can be moved around less expensively. It is easier to ship a little flash drive than to send hard drives. These devices are also resilient. They are not as fragile as other storage devices. They can take day to day abuse and still keep working.

The iPhone, which debuted in 2007, is one of the most popular handheld pieces of technology ever produced. The world of smart phone apps gained much of its staying power from the simple fact that iPhones have the App store, a new avenue to for content delivery and a new market place for developers. This smart phone is so popular that it finds itself in the middle of a terrorist related controversy. Authorities want the Apple to deprogram the phone so it can be reviewed, but many people do not think it is right. This is a clear indication of how this technology has an impact on society. The iPhone is a top selling product of one of the largest tech firms in the world, Apple. It has without a doubt had a social and economic impact on the entire world.