Origin of All Things
Scientology focuses on mankind rather than on a creation story. The focus is greatly on the individual and the individual’s path and this means that the individual’s world is created through the individual. As there is a supreme being and a belief in evolution, there is some indication of this two being related to the creation of all things but this is not directly linked to any particular area of the religion or the doctrines of Scientology.

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Nature of God
There is a recognition of a Supreme Being in Scientology but there is no exact information given about this being nor that referene a specific god. This is because the focus of the religion is on the individual and the conclusion as to the presence and nature of the Supreme Being is left up to the individual and their immortal spirits. Seeking this conclusion is part of the path of the Scientologists.

View of Human Nature
To be human in Scientolgy is not the same as the nature of the individual as being human represents a mortal state and the nature of the individual is based with the spirit which is immortal. This spirit, which resides within the mortal body, is basically good and is focused on survival and being guided through different states until they eventually return to a native state which is god-like. The focus on the spirit goes beyond any concept of mankind’s nature as the spirit continues beyond the actions of the mortal.
View of Good and Evil
Man, in terms of the spirit, is basically good. The spirit aims to survive and to continue into the next level. There are experiences which can carry over from past levels and these experiences, if negative, can result in a departure from rational thoughts. This could diminish the mans rationale of good and evil can emerge as it does not promote the survival of the entirety but focuses on the survival of the individual.

View of “Salvation”
In Scientology, salvation comes as the spirit is able to let go of the past experiences which may be causing the individual to commit acts of evil. By accepting and moving past these experiences, the individual can continue on their path towards the native state which is related to the Eight Dynamics. Without learning to let go of past experiences, the spirit will never reach salvation.

View of After Life
Scientology focuses on the different levels that the spirit goes through. This means that the idea of the afterlife is based on the belief in reincarnation. The life of the spirit continues as the individual goes through the Eight Dynamics. At which point, the individual is considered to be immortal and god-like.

Practices and Rituals
As Scientology focuses on the individual more than the collective congregation, the practices and rituals are also very individualized. Each individual is expected to use their life experiences, both present and past, as a way to help other people. They do meet for prayers and sermons on Sundays as well as take communion, but these services are not the foundation of the practices within Scientology.

Celebrations and Festivals
Scientology recognizes the importance of ceremonies and festivals. The ceremonies are generally tied to family relations such as celebrating the birth of the child through a naming ceremony or celebraing a union through a wedding. The holidays reconize the founder of Scientology (March 13), the accomplishments of the celebrity members of the church (February 22) and New Year’s Eve (December 31). These holidays are recognized through community activities and congregational festivals determined by the reason for the specific holiday.

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