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Financial Markets and Associated Instruments

Money markets are the types of financial markets with financial instruments that have short maturities and high liquidity. Trade in money markets involves borrowing and lending for short term, that is, within one year. There is a wide range of participants in money markets including companies, banks, and investors among...

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The Strange Disappearance of Social Capital in America

Robert, in the article Turning In, Tuning Out: The Strange Disappearance of Social Capital in America, studies and evaluates Americans capital formation over the last century. He introduces the theory or thesis that America was slowly, in the post-war era, becoming a “bowling-alone” society in which people were continuing and...

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Two Income Family

Economic conditions globally and in the United States have created a need to earn more to make ends meet. American families are facing a growing trend towards needing more than one breadwinner in each household. The causes and effects of this trend have been of concern to researchers and policymakers,...

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Importance of Income Inequality

Inequality is a key issue experienced in almost every society globally. According to the structural functionalism theory, the universal existence of inequality is brought by society’s tendency to categorize some positions as being very important for its survival (Ferris & Stein, 2008). Inequality is important in creating social stability in...

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Culture Banking Industry Risk Taking

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has had a negative on the average American, which is why this the recent historical event that this paper will examine. Prior to engaging with the academic discussion, I would like to provide some anecdotal evidence. Prior to the GFC, my father’s small pharmacy business...

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