A moral compass is the inner sense that distinguishes what is termed as right or wrong. It works as a guide when it comes to behavior that is morally appropriate. My personality and belief system among others has helped in the shaping of my moral behavior. Most of my decisions are controlled by my virtues or morals.

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My parents have been the driving factor when it comes to my moral compass. Other people behind the influence are my peers and other elderly individuals. This has been possible through observing and learning their life lessons and desirable behaviors. My parents have succeeded in shaping my moral compass as they were raising me. During my growth process, they had stipulated many expectations with regards to behavior and how to act when alone and with others. My parents made sure they enlightened me regarding something that is right or wrong. They relied on the standards and beliefs in instilling of the behavior to me. A few of the things that the parents have been stressing on are how to be kind to other people, to be honest, and tell the truth at all times. Going to church was something necessary when I was young. All their efforts have played a significant role in the development of my moral compass. The outside environment has contributed very little because most work has been from my parents.

Throughout my teenage years, I always tried very hard to be accepted by my peers, both at school and home. To fit in all peer groups, I ensured that I participated in the events that members did. This brought my moral compass into test many times. The pressure from outside and friends has put my moral compass into many trials. My friends tried to test my better judgment in many situations, but what has always helped me to overcome such temptations has been the statement from my parents that every action has its consequence. There some decisions I made in the past that were not good, but I have managed to keep my life back on track. During my teenage years, was a member of a group called the MAC.

This was a swimming organization. This organization kept me occupied with many meeting and schedules. I believe being a member of the organization kept me focused on good behavior and how to relate well with others. Being a member of the group also helped to gain knowledge regarding good work ethics and teamwork. Generally, swimming contributed positively towards my moral compass. This is because it acted as a guide when it came to making right choices and in behaving appropriately.

Good moral compass has also been as a result of influence from co-workers, my bosses, and other adults who I frequently interact with. My professional behavior has been greatly shaped by my bosses. This makes my bosses be of major impact in my life. Frequent interaction with other adults, especially in the work environment is the result of my good behavior of treating others and acting in the public.

It is a requirement for a dental hygienist to have a good set of morals and ethics. This is of great importance in practice and outside the profession. This does not require one to have multiple personalities. This means that a person should have the capability of upholding certain standards as is required b he health care providers. A heath care provider is always being watched by the public. This means that the actions of a person should act as a reflection that is responsible for one’s health. My moral behavior is already in line with those required by the health care provider. The way I treat my patients is the way I would also expect to be treated. My patients receive the right treatment from me because of my ethical and moral compass. I am well educated when it comes to oral systematic link.

This makes me feel obligated to share and pass the knowledge I have. A good example of how I am responsible is that when I notice any bleeding in the patient’s mouth while carrying out the scaling, I am obligated to inform and explain to my patient the risk he or she is in regarding oral bacteria and bleeding. This has the possibility of affecting the overall health of a patient. My moral compass is helping me to honest with my patients and offers them a hand at all times. Dental hygienists should a higher code of ethics and act morally. This is also a requirement that also applies to me. This is because the patient’s life is always on our hands. All dental hygienists should act morally. This is clear in all parts. It is a requirement for us to carry out ourselves with compassion, honesty, competence, and integrity. My profession does not change my moral compass. It is the same irrespective of the job. This course has been, and it still is of great importance to me. It has helped me to have more knowledge regarding small details. This has enhanced the speed at which I build my goals when it comes to the moral compass.

Philosophy entails having ideas regarding truth knowledge, and how to live the life. My mission in my dental hygiene has been to provide better health. This will be possible in helping other people to achieve dental health that is optimal and to give best quality of care. It is my philosophy to carry out myself in a manner that promotes honesty, integrity, caring, and ethics. As a way of providing the patients with care that is of a high quality, I make sure that I give my best to my entire patients. This is striving for excellence in my profession. A health care professional has to stay up to date when it comes to issues of the current practice. The new knowledge should be shared freely with other.

This is a quality I have. A dental hygienist should be very attentive while listening to the patients. This makes it easy to attend to all the needs of patients, especially when it comes to oral health. It is part of my moral ethics to be secretive, and this helps me to comply with HIPPA requirements regarding privacy in patients’ information. All these standards help me to attain my goals of improving the quality life of other people when it comes to oral health. This takes an active role when it comes to my career growth and attainment of my goals.

There are other health care professionals who I come across and others who I am working with who do not know their moral compass. Other has not knowledge regarding their philosophies. I was like some of them until the time that this assignment made it clear. A moral compass is something that comes from within a person. This makes my work flow smoothly because is a requirement in my profession. Many health care professionals have succeeded in upholding their moral principles in line with the health care profession. The combination of professional philosophy together with moral compass gives me a chance of growing my goals and helping my patient. Monitoring is my moral compass is necessary, and this will continue throughout my life. My effort will also be on ensuring others grow all round. My effort is to ensure I grow both professionally and personally.