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Moral values


Part 1 As a moral relativist, there is no hard wrong or right in this situation. Rather, there is an opinion on this matter that can only be deciphered when one considers the dynamics of the situation (Harman, 1975). In this instance, the idea that “taking things that belong to...

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ENFJ Profile: Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging

The personality type of ENFJ stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. 2.5% of the population fits this type. In some ways, I do feel that the ENFJ personality profile describes me. The component of being a people person who cares about other individuals fits me well. I enjoy helping...

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Values, Principles and Goals Developed

While working in the healthcare sector, I encounter more and more often that the importance of values in critical for ensuring proper organizational functioning. As listed in the book, healthcare employees are in charge of dealing with the constant multitasking that not only requires organizational management but also encourages the...

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What is Evil?

I do not understand evil separately from the culture I live in and from my religion. Also, I closely associate evil with the appalling and wicked events that are labelled as “evil” in my society. Evil is a much stronger word than bad. I believe it has a far more...

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Personal Norms

In reflecting on my values, norms, and beliefs, I am first obligated to present a confession; in my life to date, these are not matters I have usually thought of as such. More exactly, and I think in common with many others, I have always tended to trust to my...

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