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Moral values

Empowerment or Dependency?

People can become empowered by seeing the success and motivation of an individual who is determined to complete a task. It is important to understand the difference between empowering and enabling a person. In business, empowerment can be defined as the sharing of pertinent information such as rewards and power...

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Third Short Assignment: Theories of Morality

Theories of morality or “normative ethics” provide standards that help people decide how they should act in a range of different situations. They are often applied when people need to figure out whether certain actions are right or wrong. One such normative theory is called utilitarianism, which states that a...

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Values and Morals

Values and morals are similar in nature in that they both are inherent of an individual’s personal beliefs and convictions in matters of right and wrong. Morals are what define human behavior and conduct. Oftentimes morals are instilled early on through one’s faith or religious affiliation. They serve as guiding...

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Moral Courage

I do agree with Kleinman (2006) in her statement that ethical breeches occur due to “gradual erosion” over time. I believe she is correct in her assertion of the cause for a number of reasons. First, when a nurse does something small that saves time or effort, and gets away...

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Moral Responsibility in Video Games

Throughout the 20th century, society was fascinated with the moral responsibilities of people who participated in outlandish games and arts such as music, dance and popular theater. In many ways, these forms of entertainment were seen to negatively impact the moral responsibilities of younger generations. This has since followed on...

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