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Moral values

Moral Disengagement, Latina Mothers of Adolescents

My experience of applying the required readings is that doing so provides better understanding and memory of the covered course material while it is worked through to select our design. Tips for combining or contrasting methodologies are to narrow down the choices based on one's research needs. The textbook can...

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Moral Disengagement: Summary of Findings

The primary qualitative research question that was posed is as follows: How do Latina mothers’ perceive their teenagers being affected by moral disengagement? Factors of consideration included mothers’ perceptions of teenagers’ emotional behaviors, respect for authority, school attendance, drug/alcohol use, bullying behaviors with peers and/or younger siblings, and incidences of...

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Moral Development of School-Age Children

Very often, children encounter numerous moral dilemmas on their way that reflect in various ways. The majority of these difficulties occur once they have to define their life paths. Therefore, understanding of the theoretical background provides an additional incentive to the clarity of interpreting children’s behavior in various ways. In...

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Faith, Mystery, Meaning, Morality

1) In this collection of readings, the author takes us through a journey of perspective-changing. In each section there is an opportunity to question our past assumptions and look at the concepts in a different light. Rather than taking our perspectives and suppositions for granted, follow them as though they...

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Kant’s Moral Theory and its Applicability to Everyday Life

Both J.S. Mill and Immanuel Kant’s theories of Utilitarianism and Moral Theory, respectively, may apply to individuals’ lives and thus dictate different actions of persons based on specific situations. After learning about Mill’s Utilitarian Theory and how it aims at achieving happiness by any means, I found this did not...

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