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Moral values

Morality In The Society

Introduction Morality is a principle that decides between what is good and bad in the society. However, persons in the society have different perspectives on the subject of morality. In most cases, people focus on doing their wrong things so long as they feel happy. The definition of what is...

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The Culture and Moral Compass

Organizational culture is one of the most ambiguous yet crucial aspects of success in organizational and market performance. Effective culture is what sets successful organizations apart. It predetermines the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of major business operations. It creates a climate of sustainability, motivation, and continuous learning. Most organizations strive to...

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Professor Beckwith’s First Argument For Moral Relativism

In this paper there will be the analysis of the first argument on moral relativism as presented by Professor Beckwith. There will also be the analysis of the problems that are present in this argument and judgments shall be passed on whether one agrees with the varied premises or not....

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Hume on Morality as Emotion Based

David Hume believes that morality is an after-effect of reason. What this means is that morality is not reason based itself, and that morality is more of a corresponding feeling about actions that we understand with our reason. Therefore, Hume sees morality as after reason because the emotions or sentiments...

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Infant Morality

By better understanding the morality of children and even infants we learn about that aspect of morality which is innate and not learned. This research can also help to answer the important philosophical question of whether human beings are born moral or whether they must learn to be moral. Studies...

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