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Moral values

Virtue Ethics

When Dr. Adada was cutting into the wrong side of Cody Metheny’s brain, he was already making grave mistakes that showed that he had a lack of integrity and moral judgment regarding the life of all of his patients. He failed to prepare adequately for the surgery that he was...

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Greek Ethics

In Plato and Aristotle's respective philosophical world-views, a key role of relationship and importance is given to rationality and the good. For Plato, the Good as something that is to be sought after, something that we reflect upon its meaning as a philosophical question, lends itself to reason, because rationality...

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Normative Ethics Theories Assignment

The following paper will focus on four main theories of normative ethics (utilitarianism, Aristotelian Virtue Ethics Theory,) and how I would explain this to a patient; thus, some of it will be written in the second person. I will also provide examples and touch on whether I find one theory...

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African Values: An Example Against Universal Human Rights

There are differing opinions regarding human rights. Universalists believe that human rights apply to everyone because they are human (“Are Rights Universal?” 3). Cultural Relativists uphold the belief that human rights are meant to reflect cultural values (Basnet and Albalooshi). Human rights must reflect an attachment to communities as in...

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Ethical Sins

As author Jim Barry observes in both his Social Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs and his blog post regarding the seven most important dilemmas in content marketing, the sheer enormity of customer interaction with social media generates multiple dilemmas going to ethics. Barry identifies and examines dilemmas ranging from privacy issues...

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