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Moral values

Ethical Minute Paper

A Helpful Receptionist The receptionist violated the principle of confidentiality, which is also enforced by the ACA Code of Ethics and Utah Rule Code for mental health professionals. She violated Section B that defines the nature of confidentiality and privacy in professional relationships. Utah Rule 502 states that confidential communication...

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Ethic And Moral Development

What it means to be ethical as it relates to personal, academic, and professional growth The development of ethical character virtues is very important to personal, academic and professional growth in life. We will realize that self-fulfillment and happiness in life attain our highest potential in work and school, is...

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Welfare, Freedom, and Virtue

One the things that struck me in the article “What’s the Right to Do?” by Michael Sandel is how wrong price gouging is. I think it is a horrible practice that people do. There should be severe consequences for doing it. I could not believe that during the Florida Hurricane...

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Slumdog Millionaire

Cinematography is essentially defined as the art of making moving pictures; however there is so much more to the practice than just pointing a video camera at a scene and pressing record. Depending on the cameras, lighting, staging, and a number of other factors, cinematography makes the difference between the...

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Self and Society

Common sense is not only having a sound mind for judgment. It is abiding by the laws and societal expectations placed upon us by our communities. Those who espouse common sense often do not think logically, which is why there is so much fallibility and discriminatory commentary in the world...

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