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Moral values

Charcter Change & Virtue Ethics

Introduction Understanding virtue ethics theories begins with understanding the concept of the ideal character traits a virtuous and ethical person has according to Aristotle’s Ethical Theory. Virtuous ethics relies on the actions of a person in adhering to their duty as a part of society’s moral expectations when considering Aristotle’s...

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Sexual Freedom

The concepts of sexual freedom in the private and the public realm are different, yet similar at the core. When we think of it in the private sense, thoughts turn to our ability to make our own choices sexually, to express ourselves as we wish in our private lives. The...

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Is lying ever morally justifiable. That is the question. Are “white lies” okay or are they as egregious as any other falsehoods. What about omissions. While not an overt “lie” they are an instance in which the truth is evaded. After all it is just another form of lying, in...

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Approaches to Morality

Consequentialist or non-consequentialist. That is the question, and there is always a “cost” for doing, or not doing an ethical act. Under the consequential construct, decisions are made along the lines of sacrificing one life to save many other lives. Under consequential theories right and wrong actions are judged by...

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Ethics: How well does Mill refute moral egoism?

Utilitarianism is concerned with the promotion of the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. It refers to the ethical theory that posits that happiness is the ultimate end of the morality. I think Mill significantly refutes moral egoism. According to Mill, the greatest happiness is based on the...

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