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Evaluating Moral Theories

In this course we have encountered several moral theories, including Egoism, Divine Command Theory, Relativism, Natural Law Theory, Consequentialism, Kantianism, and Virtue Ethics. The task at hand is to determine which of these theories is best and to substantiate the reasons for this using specific criteria, meanwhile outlining the strengths...

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Moral Hazard

Moral hazards are based on the premise that people will change their behavior when the consequences of their adverse actions will be borne by others (Pettinger, 2017). It is predicated on the selfish nature of people. This motivates them to undertake behaviors of which they know there will be minimal...

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Moral Judgement

The first time I had to make a real moral judgement was when I was at the mall with a good friend. We were both teenagers and we had gone to the mall and the movies and other places since we were ten years old and we always had fun...

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Where Lies The Moral Compass

Doesn’t every parent teach their child the difference between right and wrong? Don’t they try to lead by example that there is good and bad, especially as it relates to behavior? These lessons started early and instilled into a child, form the moral compass of that child. According to Merriam...

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Cheating Death

Imagine a loved one on the brink of death. Sitting next to them in the hospital, hand clenched in hand, the doctor comes in and tells you that they’ve come up with an antidote that can reverse the process of aging and allow your beloved to live for another fifty...

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Letter Against Arranged Marriage

My Dearest Parents, It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you, but I feel it is my responsibility as a good son to let you know what my feelings are regarding arranged marriages in our culture. I am aware that many generations of our family...

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To What Extent Should Government Legislate Morality?

The question of whether government should legislate morality is at first glance comprised of two fundamental definitions, which need to be clarified so as to provide a valuable answer. Firstly, governments must be defined, so as to better understand to what purpose they exist. Secondly, morality itself would need to...

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Justice vs. Care in Nursing

Questions of ethics and morality are extremely important to the nursing profession since by nature it is concerned with helping others. It is essential for nurses to be aware of the primary theories related to these issues. Ethics theories also are essential in nursing education. All graduates of nursing schools...

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Morality in Humanities

The connection between the way society views morality and the understanding of god that the members of that society also possess can be viewed through a number of literature and art sources that define the society. Considering that there have been transitions between Polytheism, Henotheism, Monotheism, and Pantheism, one can...

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My Idea of a Morally Good Person

When I think of a morally good person, I think of an individual who doesn’t judge others but instead try to be understanding. Such a person understands people come from different circumstances and evaluating each person by the same criteria may not be the right approach. A morally good person...

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Moral Compass

A moral compass is the inner sense that distinguishes what is termed as right or wrong. It works as a guide when it comes to behavior that is morally appropriate. My personality and belief system among others has helped in the shaping of my moral behavior. Most of my decisions...

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Kohlberg’s Three Levels of Morality

Kohlberg bases his concept of morality on three prime stages of Moral development. The first one is the Pre-conventional Level which commonly associates with one's early childhood. Under this level, one perceives rules and labels regarding right or wrong by consequence of action such as rewards or punishments (Kolb, 2008)....

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Moral Courage In Healthcare

A situation in the healthcare field that would require moral courage is the reporting of a supervisor who is falsifying training records in order to have more full-time staff. A staff member who witnesses this is morally obligated to report it, but he or she may face adverse circumstances as...

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Culture and Grief

Cultural and spiritual beliefs play a key role in the grief process for the dying patient and their family. Grief is a universal human experience that all share at some point in their life. Although grief is universal, there is considerable disagreement about what is "normal" in terms of the...

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Classical Ethical Theories

The three classical ethical theories that dominate western ethical thought include utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics (Mosser, 2013). Each of them offers a unique approach to interpreting and evaluating ethical decisions. Utilitarianism holds that an action can be considered ethical if its consequences produce the most good for the largest...

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Testing for Honesty

In the following essay, I will closely address the case called “Testing for Honesty” (Shaw and Barry 459). The given case talks about the importance of pre-employment psychological tests that “identify those prospective employees who are likely to steal” (459). In particular, the authors of this case examine diverse aspects...

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Compliance, Obedience, and Conformity

Question 1 Milgram (1963) states that obedience is a fundamental element of social life that shapes people’s behavior and arises because of the existence of some authority. Obedience creates a strong link between people and power systems, which may lead to either positive or destructive consequences. For example, if children...

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Bias and Stereotype

I think I have a lot of biases that I haven’t exactly understood nor recognized until now. While I think that biases and stereotyping are mostly negative, I do believe that these things are part of everyday life and are bred from society and the norms that form with it....

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Revenge Essay

If I have to track you down like a dog, you will get what is coming to you! We, as humans, are animals who remember very well the pain and harm done to us. We often do not even care whether or not the action was undertaken purposefully or randomly....

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Rewards and Punishment

Leadership is the ability to influence others and achieve an organization objectives through them. Leadership is critical for the success of an organization, and it is a crucial determinant of workers' ability to reach their potential within their working environment. A successful leader has to understand how to recognize and...

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