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Evaluating Moral Theories

In this course we have encountered several moral theories, including Egoism, Divine Command Theory, Relativism, Natural Law Theory, Consequentialism, Kantianism, and Virtue Ethics. The task at hand is to determine which of these theories is best and to substantiate the reasons for this using specific criteria, meanwhile outlining the strengths...

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Moral Hazard

Moral hazards are based on the premise that people will change their behavior when the consequences of their adverse actions will be borne by others (Pettinger, 2017). It is predicated on the selfish nature of people. This motivates them to undertake behaviors of which they know there will be minimal...

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Cheating Death

Imagine a loved one on the brink of death. Sitting next to them in the hospital, hand clenched in hand, the doctor comes in and tells you that they’ve come up with an antidote that can reverse the process of aging and allow your beloved to live for another fifty...

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Moral Judgement

The first time I had to make a real moral judgement was when I was at the mall with a good friend. We were both teenagers and we had gone to the mall and the movies and other places since we were ten years old and we always had fun...

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Where Lies The Moral Compass

Doesn’t every parent teach their child the difference between right and wrong? Don’t they try to lead by example that there is good and bad, especially as it relates to behavior? These lessons started early and instilled into a child, form the moral compass of that child. According to Merriam...

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