The article ‘Mother Tongue’ by Amy Tongue presents a personal overview of the English language and reiterates the diversity of the forms which the language can undertake. The author notes that her perception of the English language comes from the nature of being a writer. Thus, some emotions and the ideas may be driven by the sense of writing and spending the time with the language in its different variants.
I liked the approach of the several English languages rather than seeing the single language which is broadly used. As Amy Tan rightly notes, where some forms of the English language may seem to be normalized, in other localities the attitude towards the language may be different. I think it thus should be acceptable to acknowledge grammatically diverse forms which may change from one locality to another, depending on the content.

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It is no less important to mention that the author incorporates a personal perspective from the perspective of the language. There, she notes that the experience of the command of the English language may differ for those who use it as a second language. In that regard, I also agree that English as a second language can be seen as yet another form of the English language. The author’s references to the experience of the English language of her mother relates to my perception of the language, too.

I found it also interesting that Amy Tan used an ironical title for the piece, calling it a ‘Mother Tongue.’ It was a very precise definition of the language which can become burdensome for someone who learns it as a second language. The references to the struggle of learning the language also demonstrate the complexities of the learning process one may experience.