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Employee Motivation

The extent to which a company is able to organize its various factors of production determines the level of success achieved. While the availability of adequate capital and relevant equipment make the prospect of engaging in economic activities with a view of making profits feasible, no target can be realized...

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Motivation Theories

Motivation is an essential tool in any industry. It is especially important for front-desk workers since they represent the company and are responsible for a high share of the hotel’s sales. The enthusiasm and working results of employees may vary. Motivation theories of Maslow and Mayo reflected in an individual...

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What is Motivation

Every day, people set goals and attempt to accomplish them. Whether the goal is large or small, they invest their time, energy, and resources in reaching that goal even when doing so can be difficult. This is a common trait of human behavior and action because of the root cause...

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Engagement and Motivation

Over the last several years, the American school system is failing younger generations. In many cases, they have below average test scores and high dropout rates. New mandates are putting more pressure on school administrators and teachers versus the student. This is because they want more accountability and transparency. In...

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Discussion of Motivation

Motivation is an important driver of success. To the extent that teachers and employers can motivate students and workers, their classes and businesses can succeed. Of course students and workers also bring their own motivation to the classroom and workplace. Motivation can be defined as the factors that energize, direct,...

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