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Personal Statement About Goals

My desire and ambition to join university and be counted among the best was fueled as I was growing up, where my family encouraged me to study hard and be like one of the most learned people in China capable of instituting much-needed positive changes in our society. By observing...

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Failure and the Ability to Succeed

Life is full of moments; some are great and others not so much. Success and failure is a common part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. While failing is not ever our goal, we do learn from it and grow from it. It is in...

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Career Goal: Big Data Analytics

Introduction My future career aspiration is to become a big data analyst. Concisely, a data analyst is charged with the collection, processing, as well as the statistical analysis of data. Nonetheless, a bid data analyst deals with a much larger selection of data as compared to a data analyst, and...

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Employment and Ethics

What are the pros and cons of North America tire’s strategy of hiring replacement workers? How ethical is the behavior of management?Among other companies, there are various pros and cons of North Americas tire’s company to hire replacement workers. The main advantage is that the company will continue to perform...

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What Change Tactics Can You See Use to Increase the Likelihood of Success

In fact, while evaluating the instruments of empowering staff as a supervisor, one shall pay attention to numerous tactics that could lead to the increase of success. Namely, while working as a health supervisor in the health department, one of the most prominent tactics would be to establish a well-grounded...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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