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An Integrated Model of Individual Motivation to Work

Motivation, performance, and satisfaction work together like a team. When I know I need to complete a task, but if there is no motivation, the performance would not be on point, so as the satisfaction level. On the other hand, if there is motivation for me to complete a task,...

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Why go to work?

Any company willing to reach success has to establish policies that would not only attract potential employees but also keep then wanting to be part of the company. Coming up with the successful policy would mean satisfying as many people as possible, people who have various interests and motivation to...

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Types Of Motivation

Intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivations are commonly used tactic to help increase the employee’s motivation (Frey & Osterloh, 2013). Intrinsic forms of motivation work on motivating the individually mental. For example, acknowledging an employees hard work may be enough to mentally motivate the employee. In contrast, extrinsic forms of...

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Making the Choice to Motivate

Leaders and decision makers in the retail industry face numerous levels of moral and emotional dilemmas each year as the holiday season approaches. This varies from sales concerns to the most appropriate manner to be politically correct in introduce the season. With the goal at the end of the season...

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Leading from a Distance: How Multinationals Lead Employees

Multinational corporations (MNC)s, also termed international corporations, transnational or stateless corporations (Voorhees, Seim, &. Coppett, 1992) are organizations that develop, own, provide, and produce their services or goods in more than one country other than their home base. Operating across various countries presents challenges in terms of managing employees from...

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