Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
One of the most popular holiday town in the Eastern United States; located on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. The mountains belong to the Appalachian system of mountains, running from northeast to southwest from Maine to Georgia. Like the blue mountains in Virginia and the Blue mountains in the Australian state of New South Wales, they got their name for the color of the haze, soaring over the trees in summer.

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This beautiful region is ideal for hiking, in addition, it offers the most spectacular sights that can be found throughout the Appalachian mountain belt. At a height of 6,643 ft, the mountain Clingmans-Dome represents the highest point to which it is possible to drive by car to enjoy the magnificent views The closest city is Gatlinburg.

The Park is known for its abundance of wild flowers – in addition to the beautiful meadow grasses, orchids, rhododendrons, and azaleas grow here, and in autumn it can even compete with the beauty of the foliage colors of New England. It is famous for its black bears. In summer tourists can raft on the mountain rivers, and winter there is good for skiing.

Mount Mitchell, Mount Mitchell State Park
Mount Mitchell is a small mountain located in the Northern mid-subtropical latitudes of the Western Hemisphere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The height of the top is 6,684 feet. Mountain was not conquered until 1787. The season best suited for trekking is from May to October. Peak such as Mount Mitchell is more of a landmark than the object of mountain climbing, however, there are several routes that practically do not differ in complexity.

Whiteside Mountain
Whiteside Mountains in Appalachia are located near the city Cashiers on the border of the states of North Carolina and Tennessee. Each fall these mountains attract many tourists and photographers because of a unique natural phenomenon – “shadow of the bear”. The shadow that casts the mountain range is shaped like a bear and appears in the rays of the setting sun from mid-October to early November and mid-February to early March. During this period, it is possible to see it every day for half an hour, from 5.30 to 6 pm.

Whiteside mountain, reaching a height of 4,930 ft is one of the highest in the Eastern United States. Fall in these parts is very picturesque, and “the shadow of the bear” only increases its attractiveness.