Movement is an inherent natural capacity we all have inside us; we move much as children, however, with maturity our physical movement gives way to task-oriented movement. In other words, with the lack of physical movement, we get movement–poor. Hence, deprived of physical movement, we lack human encounter with others. The authors convince us that ‘dance as the movement’ is the highest quality of communication one can achieve with another person. We explore ourselves through the creative dance – the synergy of movement craft and improvisation. Only through the creative dance, people genuinely express their emotions to the highest extend, the authors argue.
The comprehensive article reveals the craft of creative dance as the ultimate form of physical movement. It opens the world of experiment and boundless improvisation in which our fantasies reach unthinkable horizons. Dance as the movement opens a new perspective in our lives and makes us challenge the new heights. The article states that ‘dance’ is the most intimate and powerful form of movement that aligns the worlds of two or more people into a single motion.

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Creative dance as the highest form of physical movement mesmerizes us by opening unknown potential and capacities we have never known about. This art form, therefore, holds genuine magic that transforms our body parts into incredible motions. Dancers create new reality while they dance while the ultimate purpose of such an action is unimportant. The most important thing is the process of creation of new movements and sensing their magnetism and value. At that, rather imitating something, dancers solve problems, meaning that all their senses, capacities and emotions are involved in the process of movement. With that, they do explore, and that is why the dance inspires creativity. At that, the very act of dancing re-opens high bodily potential almost unknown to us.

One of the authors tells her story and shares her experience of becoming a creative dance teacher. She did it because, compared to teaching modern dance, creative dance lacks conventions; it is, nonetheless, well structured. She praises the form due to its emotiveness allowing dancers update pleasant feelings of their childhood. Those emotions make many feel ‘high’, and that is one of the utmost effects the creative dance reaches as an art form.

The two main concepts referred to in the article are space and rhythm. The space ranges to personal space and shared space in case two or more people are dancing together. A sense of rhythm is important in the way dancers move, breath, and react to the sound of music. While achieving harmony of the rhythm, they achieve total relaxation. Space and rhythm ensure maximum expressiveness and efficiency in dancers.

Overall, the article states that creative dancing enhances the quality of one’s life, while dancers feel better and more satisfied in their life. While fulfilling their bodily needs, they also mature in artistic and social respects. Creative dance has made many students more relaxed, open-minded, creative and spontaneous in their actions. By knowing the potential of their bodies better, they get to know other people better as well.

Creative dance has been an art in its own right. It holds essential physical and emotive compounds that reflect one’s metaphysical development and maturity. It is also the way to nirvana most of us seek in other forms of relaxation. This art form knows no limits or restrictions and widens our inner capabilities to the maximum we can reach. At that, it is unique by proving that there is no maximum for human ability and so everyone can achieve more.