Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan are countries found in central Asia. The three countries have a common history of sharing ideas through movement of people and products. Iran lies between Turkey and Afghanistan. The region is mostly inhabited by mostly Muslims who belong to different ethnic tribes. For the last one decade, Afghanistan has experienced political instability due to increase in insurgency in the country. The paper provides a discussion on the movement of people, products, and ideas into and out of the area.

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Movement Of People, Products, And Ideas Into And Out Of Turkey, Iran, And Afghanistan

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Since earliest times, the three countries have experienced introduction of different civilizations. Historically, the region had crossroads which was used by traders from Turkey to Afghanistan through and return. The areas’ climate and geography made the practice of agriculture very difficult. Therefore, the inhabitants depended on trading products. This led to development of cities and several other small towns.

The three countries in the regions have generally enjoyed a peaceful relationship since their establishment. However, sometimes the relations between Turkey and Iran get strained. Turkey and Iran have been enjoying positive trading activities. They have been trading partners for a long period of time. This has enabled the people from the two countries to carry out trading activities without any political obstacles and consequently, they exchange various products and ideas. Politically, the three countries have embassies in the other country. Turkey is traditionally known as a country of emigration. In early 1960s and 1970s, Turkish nationals moved to areas around central Asia such as Iran and Afghanistan. They carried along with various products and introduces new cultural ideas in the areas they settled.

The political instability in the region especially in Afghanistan has prompted the movement of people from the country to another country such as Turkey. Turkey has witnessed the influx of refugees most of them who are seeking political asylum. Some Afghanistan refugees also move to Iran. Most of them are moving from the countries due to political war in Afghanistan.

However, in the contemporary world, the three countries have had some issues regarding the movement of people and products especially between Turkey and Afghanistan. Turkey and Afghanistan are close allies, however, they are separated by a landmass of vast Iranian territory which neighbors the two countries on the east and the west corridor.
The Iranian regime has been accused of placing impediment on trade activities and movement of people between Turkey and Afghanistan across its land. This has made it difficult for companies from Turkey to transport goods to Afghanistan and consequently, from Afghanistan to markets in Central Asia. This is a violation of the international agreement of free trade activities. The impediment also affects the Afghanistan people from accessing Turkey and other Western markets.

The attempts made by Iran to block the movement of people, products, and ideas between Turkey and Afghanistan deal a serious blow to connectivity in the politically volatile region. Peace and regional stability in the region is considered as the necessary factor for rebuilding the economy in Afghan which has been largely affected by years of fighting and insurgency.

The impediments has caused trade patterns between the two countries. The obstruction has led to the decline in trade activities between Turkey and Afghanistan. High taxes and fees or bureaucratic impediments from the Iranian side has quite affected relations among the three countries. Turkey has criticized Iran’s behavior regarding the issues arguing that Iran should change its mindset from destructive to constructive.