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Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues is a critically acclaimed animated film by Nina Paley made in 2008. It tells a shortened version of the Ramayana with the main focus on the character of Sita. There is also a parallel plotline set in modern times centered on the relationship of Nina and...

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The Music from Alice’s Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie, who stars in the film Alice’s Restaurant, is the son of famed folksinger and musician, Woody Guthrie. If someone was watching this film without realizing the connection between the main character and the influence Woody Guthrie had on folk music, the music may have less meaning. Guthrie has...

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Tom Gunning’s ‘The Cinema of Attraction’

Tom Gunning’s thesis in his article “The Cinema of Attraction[s]: Early Film, its Spectator, and the Avant-Garde” is, in the author’s own words, “it is precisely this harnessing of visibility, this act of showing and exhibition, which I feel cinema before 19o6 [sic] displays most intensely” (Gunning 381). The rest...

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Movie Reviews: “The Circle” and “Chocolat”

“The Circle,” originally titled “Dahyreh,” came out in 2000, and serves to detail the stories of how various women in Iran struggle under the oppression and sexism present in Iranian society to this day. It is no secret that it is better to be a male in Iran, considering their...

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The Downfall of Blockbuster Video

From 1985 until the early 2000’s, Blockbuster Video was the movie and video game rental powerhouse that lead the market in nearly every state in America. The company became the top in its market almost overnight. In 2004, the company’s peak period, they had roughly 60,000 employees working at more...

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

A. This film doesn’t as much claim anything about street art as it does portray the movement and the artists through the lens of Thierry Guetta, who shot the footage. In other words, the film doesn’t state if street art is right or wrong, but tells the story of why...

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Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan

1. Introduction The psychoanalytic method of criticism, based on the writings of Freud and his followers, can be used to analyse a film on several different levels. One can apply the analysis to the creator (typically the director), characters in the film, the audience, or to the structure of the...

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Pan’s Labyrinth Analysis

Mythology and fairy tales play a leading role in Guillermo del Toro’s representation of Francisco Franco fascist regime. It seems to be the only possible way to show how atrocities of war could be perceived by an innocent child. For Ofelia, the magic world is an escape from the horrors...

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Frasier: To Tell the Truth

I chose to watch the sitcom Frasier and the episode “To Tell the Truth.” This is an episode from about fifteen years ago. In the episode, the protagonist, Dr. Frasier Crane, struggles with a dilemma regarding being honest. His brother, Dr. Niles Crane, is in the middle of a divorce...

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The Family Game

The Family Game was directed by Yoshimitsu Morita in 1983. Until now, the critics assess it as one of the most moving films by the Japanese pop culture. Following its release, the film received the award ‘Newcomer of the Year.’ In my opinion, the film best conveys the relations in...

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Film Analysis: Gung Ho! (1986)

Gung Ho (1986) is such a wonderful film despite its biased depiction of the Japanese culture. The film gives the audience an opportunity to apply the four-frame model when trying to understand the process of change. The four frames, political, structural, symbolic, human resource have been amplified widely in the...

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The Use of the Female Gaze in Real Women Have Curves

In film, the Female Gaze can be defined as the way women view themselves through the eyes of men. The Female Gaze presents work from the perspective of the female and is mainly found in film created for women such as soap operas and romantic comedies. Unlike the Male Gaze,...

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King Kong

I believe that at some point in each persons life everyone has felt like the Character Stevie Wiebie in the documentary; “The King of Kong, A Fist Full of Quarters”. His portrayal as a person who always comes up short and can never reach a substantial goal is a current...

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Comparison of the 2000 and the 1974 versions of The Great Gasby

The 2000 A&E “The Great Gatsby” video is having a more ancient setting as compared to the 1974’s Copolla version. The video starts with the main actor taking a rest at a pool and being shot from a distance by a stranger whose view is not clear. Before the shooting...

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Full Metal Jacket Review

Full Metal Jacket is a movie following the story of a group of young men in their training journey to become soldiers in the Vietnam War under the supervision of the hostile and cold General Hartman. Despite the film being set in Vietnam, the main purpose of the movie is...

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Film Review: Soylent Green (1973)

What are the consequences of ecological catastrophe and the obliteration of an ecosystem upon which the human is dependent for his very survival? When the human being is responsible for this dystopia, the deep irony of this situation presents itself, and this is precisely the focus of the cult classic...

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Questions on The Quiet American

1) The film “The Quiet American” has its immediate context in the war between communist Vietnamese forces and French colonial rulers. It is set in 1952 and therefore takes place in the final years of the conflict war, which is usually understood to have begun in 1946. Importantly, the film...

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The Quiet American – The Historical Context Of The Movie

At the time that the film was set, the French had withdrawn from the Indochina colonies in 1954, paving the way for the entry of the Americans. During the Second World War, Ho Chi Minh organised the Vietnamese resistance to the occupation of the Japanese in Vietnam. In 1945, Vietnam...

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What Makes a Hero: Option A

As I was watching The Timeless of the Hero’s Journey, one of the speakers Robert Sharma said that all greatest works of literature and philosophy have what Joseph Campbell called “a hero’s journey.” It reminded me of the philosophical work I had read some time before. It was Voltaire’s Candide....

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Movie Review: Schindler’s List

Few films in recent decades have been as universally praised, and even loved, As Spielberg's Schindler's List. Critics and the public generally hailed it as a modern masterpiece, and one supporting the most fundamental ethics of real morality. To achieve this, Spielberg presents the story of one heroic man in...

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