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Movie Review

Prime Movie Review

This paper provides a movie review for “Prime” (2005) by Ben Younger, starring Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, and Bryan Greenberg. It is a romantic comedy that gradually grows into a drama, as it reveals relationship between three main characters: a therapist, her younger son and her female patient. The plot...

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Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues is a critically acclaimed animated film by Nina Paley made in 2008. It tells a shortened version of the Ramayana with the main focus on the character of Sita. There is also a parallel plotline set in modern times centered on the relationship of Nina and...

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The Music from Alice’s Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie, who stars in the film Alice’s Restaurant, is the son of famed folksinger and musician, Woody Guthrie. If someone was watching this film without realizing the connection between the main character and the influence Woody Guthrie had on folk music, the music may have less meaning. Guthrie has...

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Tom Gunning’s ‘The Cinema of Attraction’

Tom Gunning’s thesis in his article “The Cinema of Attraction[s]: Early Film, its Spectator, and the Avant-Garde” is, in the author’s own words, “it is precisely this harnessing of visibility, this act of showing and exhibition, which I feel cinema before 19o6 [sic] displays most intensely” (Gunning 381). The rest...

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Movie Reviews: “The Circle” and “Chocolat”

“The Circle,” originally titled “Dahyreh,” came out in 2000, and serves to detail the stories of how various women in Iran struggle under the oppression and sexism present in Iranian society to this day. It is no secret that it is better to be a male in Iran, considering their...

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