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Movie Review

Movie Review: Misery

This paper will serve to provide a summarization, review, and critique of Misery as it relates to mental health nursing. In order to explore the topic, the paper addresses the context of the mental health illness as presented in the movie, the observations of the behavior of the mentally ill...

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The Butler Movie Review

Although some may consider Lee Daniel’s 2013 film The Butler a historical narrative about racial discrimination, the truth is actually that this film has little to do with historical accuracy. The film’s title card says “Based on the true story,” yet this refers not the film’s central premise but, allegedly,...

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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory by Stanley Kubrick is a black and white film that explores a number of deep and controversial issues related to war and its effects on the human spirit. First of all, the film revolves around a suicidal assault carried out by a French unit in order to...

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Indiana Jones: Movie Review

South America is a part of the land that has a long and rich history. Numerous tribes and even several empires were existing in the continent in ancient times – Maya and Aztec, in particular. Large cities, pyramids, and palaces were part of the South American culture until the European...

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