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Suzanne Collins’s important book The Hunger Games features some of the strongest characters in literature as well as one of the most compelling storylines. It is a story about a dystopia in which the leaders make children fight to the death as entertainment for the rest of society and a...

2158 words

Trifles (1916), by Susan Glaspell, is a play that illustrates the disparity between the attitudes of men and women. Trifles highlights what Glaspell believes to be emotional and intellectual superiority of women over men. This superiority is based upon how the men and women react differently to the discoveries of...

624 words

“That Which Once Was” (Takesue 2011) is a dystopian picture of the future—the year seems to be 2032—in which climate change has dramatically increased the number of refugees in the world. A newspaper headline indicates that the entire city of Jakarta is now under water. A young boy, who seems...

663 words

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