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Do the Right Thing: A Reaction Essay

Do The Right Thing is tragic, not only because it ends in death and destruction, but because both of these things were preventable. Sal could have easily placated his customers by placing a few pictures of African Americans on his wall. He could have been politer to Radio Raheem, but...

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Third Cinema And The Work Of Ousmane Sembene

Cinema has long been considered as a means of entertainment. This is particularly true given that the majority of world subjects usually watch films during their leisure time. While this is the case, entertainment is not the sole purpose of cinema. Rather, it serves the core purpose of exposing the...

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Frames of Reference: Movie Review

Frames of Reference is an educational film created in 1960. Professor Patterson Hume and Professor Donald Ivey from the University of Toronto are the two lecturers in the film, and are both physics experts. As such, they illustrate various physics concepts through a series of visual activities. In the very...

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Government Responses to Contagions

In the movie Contagion, the population of a country becomes decimated because of the rapid spread of a virus and the inability of the medical community and government officials to identify what was happening quickly enough to address it. When epidemics spread, governments must develop plans to quickly assess and...

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The Business of Making Movies

The movie business can often appear to be an elusive mix of information that still leaves you wondering “how do they make movies again?” There are many steps involved in creating a hit movie including development, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing and distribution, and exhibition (Young, Gong, and Van Der Steele...

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The Most Successful Swedish Director

The world has grown from an expansive tract of land and water to a global village. Many of the activities humans perform have also changed from tedious processes to an easier form of accomplishment with the technological improvement. Technological improvements have changed the modern standards of film development, making it...

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Ester: One Night with the King

One Night with the King is a film based on the novel by Tommy Tenney, Hadassah: One Night with the King. The film is set in Susa, Persia, which is now present day Iran and was produced in 2006. Filmed in the city of Rajasthan, India, the movie follows the...

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The Castle: An Australian Comedy

All that we perceive is a constructed representation of reality. This representation is comprised of stereotypes, prior experience, and any and all pieces of information that we may have heard or inferred about that reality. One of the most common things that help to shape this representation is the media....

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Analysis of Michael Brown Video

The documentary, produced by Orlando de Guzman and Katina Parker “Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory” refers to an extensive and a rather unconventional response towards a fatal shooting, carried out by a police officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown, an individual with a black skin colour who got shot on...

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Temple Grandin

The film is based on a disadvantaged girl by the name Grandin. At an early age, she is diagnosed with autism. She is very fortunate to have parents who are financially stable. For that reason, she has a specialist who has been hired by her mum to prevent her from...

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Lonely in America

1. Regardless of the color of the skin (black or white), the argument of Wendy Walters regarding acknowledgment of slavery would not change. The gap between the generations (the present day free people and the 19th-century slaves) interferes with Ms. Walters’ comprehension of slavery. She is unfamiliar with any relevant...

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End of the World Final Paper

The prediction of an apocalyptic era or the end of the world is something that has been foretold for millennia. Many different cultures – from the Incans to the Vikings to the Christians – have foretold the coming of the end of the world. In today’s media, more and more...

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Response Paper: Black Rain

The movie Black Rain (Kuroi Ame) (1989) directed by Shohei Imamura depicts the story of the Hiroshima bombing, the ways the Japanese tried to survive the consequences, and how the lifestyle of ordinary people changed over the years (from August 6, 1945, to the 1950s). It is based on the...

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Film Studies

1) The Classic Hollywood Studio System, from early 1900s to about 1950, completely controlled film production, the actors and the film distribution to the theaters. This system dominated the economy, the culture and the actors. It controlled actors’ lives both personally and professionally, as they were recruited, signed to a...

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Training Day Reaction Paper

Inciting Violence and Failing to Keep the PeaceThe first paragraph of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics deals with safeguarding the community, upholding the law and looking out for the greater good of all citizens in a peaceful manner. None of these things describe the actions of the main characters....

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Little Buddha

Part 1: The film selected for this paper is Little Buddha, staring Bridget Fonda, Chris Isaak, and Keanu Reeves. The movie is two stories in one: it tells of the journey of Siddhartha to his enlightenment and transition to Buddha, a story told within the larger story of the monk...

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Le Grand Voyage

The documentary depicts many vital elements focused on the interpersonal communication and relationship. In particular, he relationship between a father and a child could be characterized as a process of seeking the path not only to pilgrimage but also to souls of one another. Even though the son was reluctant...

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The Social Construction of Race and the Film The Essential Blue Eyed

Introduction and Definition of Key TermsIn this paper I intend to apply certain key sociological terms to the film The Essential Blue-Eyed. The film is a documentary made by Bertram Verhaag, which covers the experience of 40 individuals that took part in Jane Elliott’s “diversity workshop” in 1996. The workshop...

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Applying Theoretical Interventions

The movie Thirteen follows the story of Tracy, a thirteen-year-old girl in a middle school in Los Angeles living with her divorced, alcoholic mother. Throughout the course of the movie, several important topics affecting adolescents are covered, including underage sex, drug use, and self-harm, as well as developmental issues such...

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Kingdom of Heaven and the Crusades

Ever saw a movie or television program and thought you had inside knowledge about a historical event, or how to cure a disease, or perhaps even how to perform a romantic seduction? Reality is not always as complimentary as it appears in film, and often films betray history by not...

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