This film makes me angry because it is a prime example of the justice system manipulating the innocent for the sake of creating a scapegoat. They’re using racial bias and fear to manipulate the public and get rid of a crime instead of solving it. The accused was heavily course then bleed and the prosecution relied heavily on the identification of the accused. What bothered me was the blatant racial overtones. The lack of evidence was startling and the evidence present seemed to be ignored because clearly this guy had an alibi.
The film changes my opinion of the justice system because in my scarce dealings with it, they have been fair. I now believe that it may not be very fair, and was definitely not there 15 years ago in this case.

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The most memorable images where are the lawyer on the defense questioning one of the prime witnesses and the witnesses having great trouble with the meaning of a promise. They promised the accused the right to a lawyer and never delivered a conversation was held about what a promises, and it just seems like he was making up his answers on the spot. Whereas the defendant had all the answers because they were easy for him and in my opinion that’s because they were the truth. The truth comes easy lies come hard

The Trials of Darrell Hunt.
This movie makes me even angrier because for some reason murder seems less so dirty rape. To be accused of rape is quite an injustice if one is innocent of it, particularly if it is a rape and murder. However these are just my emotions. What also cause an emotional response was one of the people in the interview describing New York as incredibly dangerous for a black man to exist in during that time.

My views have changed again because although I knew the justice system was greatly flood back then, I was unaware that New York was still in the 1930s with their level of racial prejudice and the justice system sometimes resembled a lynch mob. I was however happy vet he eventually maintained his innocence and his programs and fundraisers providing resources for victims like him is a great example of the good left in society. Also, it is a great example of good and sometimes appear in the worst of situations.

It is the interrogation room footage that sticks out in my mind i has the most memorable because of how incredibly verbally abusive the cops were. They created hostile environment it just doesn’t seem modern.

Central Park 5
This film is in my opinion the most interesting because it is almost laughable how clear the racism involved is. It seems to me that they literally rounded up a group of young black boys and had been blamed for the murder of the jogger. I feel ashamed and disgusted at the police involved because of the speedy and careless way they decided to wrap up the case for the sake of public opinion rather than solving a murder. I also feel incredibly sad and depressed about the fate of those accused. They were young and definitely afraid. Their lives were dangled in front of them and they were tortured.

Unfortunately, this has not changed much about my opinion of the justice system because I myself, as a youth, got into trouble often, although I never anything nearly as serious, however, it was treated in a matter that frightens me and scarred me for life. I was told that I would go to jail for the things that I said for boy my age at the time it made me afraid of words and other people. Hardly the same as what these young men faced, but I am NOT unfamiliar with how cruel people can be when they threaten you.

The faces of the young men are what sticks out in my mind the most. They certainly don’t look like murderers, they really just look like kids. They look like my neighbors who stay at home playing video games play sports and some of whom have girlfriend. They look real.