The U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii was constructed in 1911 for coastal defense systems to protect Honolulu Harbor from invasion. At the time of construction, it housed 14-inch guns but was later converted to a museum in 1976. The site is a perfect destination for people looking to understand the history of the American Army because it provides a collection of events from the Hawaiian war to the Vietnam War.

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The visit to the museum provided significant insights into the contribution of the U.S. military in shaping modern America we know. The museum provides a rich history of the Hawaiians and how they were involved in conflicts from the early inter-island conflicts to the present day. The site is both a cultural heritage for the locals and the entire military community. Importantly, one gets to understand the contribution of the Japanese residents in the U.S during the Second World War. This is utterly important considering Japan fought against the U.S hence the wide perception that all Japanese fought the Americans. However, the collections change this perception by illustrating how the Japanese helped the American Army especially after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

One of the most surprising elements of the museum is its detailed information. When planning the visit, I was expecting to encounter something basic but contrary to my expectations; I benefitted from two hours of a rich history lesson. In particular, the museum has an Old Gun Placement set out magnificently and crafted professionally. The gun placement is used as a representation of the weapons used by the army to defend Pearl Harbor.In addition, the museum is surrounded by sandy beaches that are ideal locations for recreational activities. The fact that a beach surrounds the museum is commendable because it acts as a tourist attraction and when tourists visit the area, they get to learn about the untold sacrifices made by the military to protect the country.

Other surprising things were the model of the USS Missouri, the medal of honor recipient’s room, and a portrait of General Shinseki (the first Japanese American to become Chief of Staff of the United States Army). The USS Missouri, also known as the “Mighty Mo” within the military fraternity, is among the most popular weapons in American history. Third of its kind to be named after the state of Missouri and the last to be commissioned by America, the battleship earned its praise after ending the ending World War II by forcing the Empire of Japan to surrender. Under the model, there is a description of the achievements of Mighty Mo. One of the most interesting facts is that the battleship received eleven battle stars for serving in the Second World War, the Korean War, and the Persian Gulf.This is a great fete that future generations should learn about and the museum perfectly accomplishes the mission.

The most valuable components of Fort DeRussy Army Museum are the well-crafted, stationed, and maintained artifacts and models. Specifically, the artillery, the tanks, and the Battery Randolph are well crafted and stationed to remind and educate visitors about the strategic and significant role played by the Hawaiians in the U.S. military. Also, the site has an audio guide that costs about five dollars. The guide gives the visitor a detailed explanation of the museum’s artifacts and galleries.

In conclusion, Fort DeRussy Army Museum is among the few locations in America with vast military history. Before visiting the destination, I believed in false and misleading theories about the Second World War. In addition, I did not comprehend and value the contribution and sacrifices made by the American military, the American Japanese, and the Hawaiians to protect the country. However, my view and understanding of military history changed tremendously after the visit. In the same way, many Americans do not comprehend the history of the U.S military. Thus, it is critical that similar destinations as of Fort DeRussy Army Museum are maintained so that the citizens can learn about and be proud of their servicemen. Importantly, learning the history helps to inform future decisions.