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Visit to the Irvine Museum

The purpose of this paper is to discuss my visit to the Irvine Museum, which is situated at 18881 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612. I chose the Irvine Museum because it is dedicated to the display and preservation of the Impressionist Period style which was painted by Californian artists....

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Catalog of Art Museum Images Online

In terms of art history digitals technologies have become one of the ways to access a piece of art for examination and research without interaction with the physical object or artwork. For some experts, physical interaction is irreplaceable, but some researchers find it acceptable to use the digital images. Conservative...

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Allan Houser Exhibition at Crocker Museum

The Crocker Museum is one of the longest operating museums in the Western part of the country situated in Sacramento, California. It has vast collections of Californian art dating from the Gold Rush era to the current times. On top of that, the museum often hosts various exhibits. Currently, the...

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Sikkema Jenkins & Co Exhibition Review

I have attended one of my favorite galleries of contemporary art Sikkema Jenkins & Co on September 15. The gallery presents an exhibition devoted to the most outstanding paintings by Kara Walker. The exhibition runs from September 7 to October 14, and that is enough to allow the wide audience...

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Exhibition of Latin American Art

Lanzon at Chavín de HuántarThe importance of this Pre-Columbus artifact cannot be exaggerated as it was found in the Old Temple in the Highlands of Peru. The site itself was important for trade and rituals. In particular, the stone is carved with ritual symbols of birds, snakes, and jaguars that...

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The Pantheon Marbles Debate

The question over art history objects placement has been ongoing. In fact, one still wonders whether the Greek sculptures that shall represent the Ancient Greece shall be located in British Museum or they shall stay in the country of their origin. The noisy debate over preserving this cultural objects clearly...

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