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Song Analysis

The instruments at the beginning of the song include a guitar, drums and trombones. These instruments are combined in such a way that it actually sounds like a train coming down the track. The thick texture of the instruments as they are laid one over another helps to develop the...

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Reflection Paper about Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin attempted to demonstrate how certain music elements can be common for numerous people on the level of collective subconscious. The music demonstration of the pentatonic scale immediately proved that all people in the room were perfectly familiar with it and knew the notes at times before McFerrin voiced...

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Bob Marley’s Redemption Song

Part I: The Artist and the SongBob Marley was born and raised in Jamaica, a nation and island in the Caribbean. The island’s population is descended by former slaves of the British companies who kept sugar and other plantations. Bob Marley grew up in Nine Mile, a small village in...

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Across Two Universes: A Comparative Analysis

In Across the Universe, the Beatles evoke thoughts of relaxation and meditation. The effect of both their lyrics and the music behind them is calming, though repetitive. Strumming just a few notes over and over, they chant, “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,” and, just...

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USA Symphony Band

On September 29. 2015 I had the pleasure of witnessing the performances of the USA Symphony Band conducted by Michael Phillips and the USA Wind Ensemble conducted by William H. Petersen. The set list consisted exclusively from the composers of late 19th and, predominantly, 20th century. The symphony band featured...

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