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Music Assignment

1. What is the chief acoustic cue for a source feature?The chief acoustic cue for a source feature comes from the presence of what is called phonation energy that will show up as a low frequency voice bar when observed on a spectrogram. The energy of the frication noise is...

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Psychological Effects of Musical Training

The effects of listening to music are known to many people because the effects range from relaxation to excitement. However, the effects upon the brain development of performing musicians is not as common of a phenomenon simply because there are less musicians than there are listeners of music. This essay...

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Domestic Violence in Music

The social issue that I chose to examine is domestic violence. I am interested in studying this problem because it is highly prevalent in the United States. It has affected millions of women, children, and men for decades. I want to know how different artists understand and deal with this...

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How Music Affects Us

It is a widely-known fact that music is an integral part of our lives since it touches our soul and brings us joy. Music inspires us and gives us the chance to move in time while listening to the song that was the best for us in the past. That...

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Family or Friend Musical Biography

I spoke with my Aunt Laura, whose brother is my father. She lives in Vermont so we rarely see her except at family events every few years. She is in her late 60s and is a retired professor of piano, having taught at various colleges in New England throughout her...

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