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Design Your Own Musical Instrument: The Shoechestra

I decided to make my musical instrument using the most reliable, affordable and easily acceptable resource in my culture. I have access to trees, but no inclination to cut them down. I have access to metals, but no talent for manipulating them into instruments capable of making sounds. In 21st...

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“Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington

In my opinion, the song “Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington is an invitation in its essence. As the whole music composition is only three minutes long, it constantly seems to rush forward. This is not surprising, given the fact that this is the train song. What strikes me...

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Hallelujah song

It’s kind of obvious that a lot of people like the song “Hallelujah,” because it seems to be covered by a lot of singers these days. But what is interesting is that they put their own flavor on the song to make it more personal to them. Damien Rice is...

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Cross the Green Mountain

The Nobel Prize in literature winner in 2016, one of the most famous song writers and singers of the 20th centuries, Bob Dylan, was born in 1941. He is an internationally recognized musician, songwriter, and singer, whose high moral ideas still point out the right direction for the development of...

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History in Song

Bob Dylan is one of the most admired and influential songwriters and singers of the 20th century, whose songs addressed a number of political, historical, and social issues, for example, the Civil War, and he struggle for the civil rights in 1960s. In 2016, this legendary person “received the Nobel...

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