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Translation of Song Lyrics

The one who ever asked themselves what does the soul of a rapper looks like, should definitely listen to or just read the lyrics of Coolio’s song “My Soul”. This song is a piece of rap music, which makes its lyrics particularly interesting. From the point of stylistics, rap is...

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African Instruments

African instruments are some of the most elegant and unique instruments in the world. There are several classification systems, and the Hornbostel-Sachs system is among the best classification system because it works for all musical instruments. It does this by analyzing the vibrations created by the instruments and how it...

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Gottschalk’s piano piece is very evocative of banjo sounds. There is a lot of syncopation in this piece, which is reminiscent of American anthems and other patriotic pieces. This creates an element of excitement, which is exactly what a lot of those similar American composers were looking for—they wanted to...

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Country Music

How commercialism affected country music Commercialism in the music industry refers to the rise of the digital platform that disperses new music content globally in an instant. In return, the digital platform allows for easy marketing of the new content, hence, providing a financial benefit to the artists and all...

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Music Review

Billy Holiday: Young and YellowIn my opinion, this music is very helpful in terms of conveying the mood and condition of Billy Holiday. The music uses rich colors of consonance, which is typical for jazz music, and which makes jazz approach different from other music styles. Because of this special...

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