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Definition of Music: Academic Essay Sample

Music is a complex form of art that involves formulation of sound, silence, rhythm, and texture depending on the genre or the occasion. When listened to, music induces strong emotions to people from different cultures by stimulating the brain. Music can be defined as the systematic arrangement silences and sounds...

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Listening Assignment

It is always hard to give a subjective opinion to classics as there is a chance to oppose the most common and respected points of view. Still, blues is the kind of music that allows making personal statements. The song “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Albert King is the blues classics....

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Music Appreciation

Timbre, according to Hailstone et al. (2009), is the auditory property for differentiating two sounds with an identical pitch, duration, and intensity (p.2142). The moods, emotions, and feelings evoked by a certain sound are dependent on the timbre of the sound. That is to say, emotions judgment in music is...

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Dido’s Lament

Dido’s Lament is a piece from Dido and Aeneas, a Baroque opera written by Henry Purcell. It chronicles a love story between the two characters, which, like many operatic tales of the time, doesn’t have a happy or satisfying ending. This particular piece is the last aria sang by Dido,...

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Musical Memory

Unfortunately, I do not have any deeply formative experiences with music. Both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family were completely tone deaf. No one that I can recall was even able to hum a simple melody without it being entirely unrecognizable, sounding like a ceiling fan gone mad....

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