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Islamic Extremists

The Ottoman Empire was an example of a responsible Islamic group. Muslims associated with the Ottoman Empire made significant advances in society as scientists and mathematicians. The studied space and the planets and moons. Their architecture is amazing, and they built prolifically throughout the lands that the Empire encompassed. Castles...

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Ramadan Podcast

This podcast has helped me understand that Ramadan is not just a holy month for Muslims due to fasting but also holds importance for them for several other reasons including revelation of Quran. It seems that the main purpose of fasting is to understand and sympathize with poor people by...

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Who Speaks For Islam

I admit John L. Esposito’s Who Speaks for Islam? came as a surprise to me because it painted a very different picture of Muslims compared to what I believed but I am glad I read it because it has also taught me several valuable lessons. The first thing I noticed...

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Muslim American Women on Campus

The discussion on “Muslim American Women on Campus,” explains that the book has numerous intentions which are geared at the different viewpoints and lifestyles of the various readers. For example, there are sections of the discussion related to how the Muslim Women can maintain their traditions and faith while also...

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The Ayatollah Kohmeini

Question 1: Khomeini’s attitude toward monarchy is that it is a secular form of power that needs to be eliminated in order for an Islamic country to be truly in line with spiritual teaching. He believes that the Shaw is more concerned with secular power than he is with the...

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America’s position regarding the Islamic Revolution

Thesis There are particular reasons why1979 marked the downfall of American-Iranian relations. Background Prior to the revolution, throughout 1978 the United States facilitated the Shah’s legacy with military aid and equipment and opposed Khomeini. Key objections against Khomeini: Restriction of western influence in Iranian policies and relations with the western...

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Muslim Relationships and Purity

Religious fundamentalism in Muslim-majority societies distorts the concept of honor as it is presented in the Quran. Patriarchal traditions found within these societies serve as the foundation for the establishment of fundamental movements that allow for discrimination and abuse of women, ostensibly under the tenants of Islam. The Quran states...

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A Proposal To End Racism Against Muslims In Pocatello

Introduction In the State of Idaho, there have been tremendous complaints on various forms of segregation against the Muslims. The head of the students in ISU held a dialogue with Pocatello Mayor Brian to discuss the problems that the Middle East students are facing. The negative image of the religion...

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New Islamists and Muslim Democrats

In the last several decades, particularly since the rise of terrorism, the New Islamists and Muslim Democrats groups have evolved into distinctive groups that have come to be very pivotal and influential in the Islamic world. The New Islamists are comprised of Egyptian scholars and other intellectuals, which may include...

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Muslims and America

This essay discusses my views on Christians and Muslims before and after watching an episode from the U.S. television series 30 Days, which is called “Muslims and America.” In the documentary, a Christian man Dave Stacey is placed outside his comfort zone, namely in the Muslim community. Dave has to...

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Muslim Ban

Protesters with signs reading “Love Trumps Hate” and “America, Land of Immigrants” milled around New York’s JFK airport late Friday night. Most of the people, bundled warmly against the frosty evening, wandered about with their families in tow. Mark Abrahams, of New York City, had both of his young daughters...

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I am Muslim Because…

I am Muslim because it is a way of life for me. True, inherent in the word “Muslim” is the idea that one follows the religion of Islam, but it is so much more that. How I see myself, the world, and other people is all filtered through a “Muslim...

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Extant Literature on Muslim Male and Female Public Behavior

Theme 1: Muslim male and females sitting separately at tables in public/ table segregationGender segregation at tables in public is part of the practice in Islam where boys and men are separated from girls and women in social settings (Khimish, 2014: p133). Often referred to as the prescriptive prohibition of...

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How Muslim suffer in Color Line, Veil, and double Consciousness

The issue of minority groups being discriminated against is not new in America. The case of Muslim minority groups is even worse given the increased cases of terrorist activities blamed on supposedly Muslim-affiliated groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In his comment on the issue of color discrimination, Du Bois...

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Muslim-Majority Countries

Colonization of Islamic world by European powers began in the 18th century, leading it to grave consequences since the principles of colonization seriously contradict the system of the Islamic countries. Although many countries were affected by colonization, the ways they dealt with colonizers were diverse. Hence, while Egyptians took drastic...

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Middle Eastern Cultural and Religious Perspectives

Every culture has different beliefs and may participate in various forms of religions or practice cultural customs. The culture of Middle Eastern people is no different. Many Middle Eastern people practice Islam, and they are called Muslims. Although they may practice prayer and study the Koran, they place high value...

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Core Beliefs of Islam

Belief in one GodThe core belief if that there is no other God who could be served of worshipped. To accept other gods or worship anyone/anything else is a sin. However, God is generous. He could forgive any sin, except for “if a person dies before repenting from it [sin]”...

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