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Edward Said

In his outstanding work Orientalism, Edward Said presented a staggering impact on further exploration of the Middle East studies since the 1970s with the contending Arab and Muslim worlds. The author provides an in-depth understanding of the often controversial issues on the Middle East political owing to his direct engagement...

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All About the Religion of Islam

There are many different religions in the world, each with its own set of beliefs, foundation and rituals. Many of these religious groups wear special clothing, eat certain foods and have special funeral proceedings after death. Islam, which loosely translates to “voluntary submission to God”, is one of the largest...

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Theory of Knowledge: Disagreements

Sometimes, it is hard for people to come to the agreement in their everyday issues but when the situation refers to the global problems, it seems almost impossible to reach consensus. Even while having access to the same facts, the experts in a certain discipline may disagree with each other....

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Hadith of Bukhari

Kathryn Walbert in her work “Reading Primary Sources: An Introduction for Students,” provides five major areas which need to be examined by scholars who want to analyze a primary source. In particular, Walbert mentions, “In order to fully understand a primary source, you’ll want to identify it, contextualize it, explore...

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Essay Philosophy Midterm

"If we look around us, we see there’s a physical universe. Now, whatever exists has a cause—that is, something else that caused it. But there cannot be an infinite series of past causes, each the effect of a previous cause. Therefore, there must have been a first, uncaused cause (God)."...

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