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Islamic Contemporary Issues

The Islamic religion is widespread with over 49 countries consisting of Islamic faith as the majority of them occupy the Middle East a region that is affected by wars and political instabilities. The core values of the Islamic community are extensive and diverse hence cannot be attributed to a single...

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Islamic Extremists

The Ottoman Empire was an example of a responsible Islamic group. Muslims associated with the Ottoman Empire made significant advances in society as scientists and mathematicians. The studied space and the planets and moons. Their architecture is amazing, and they built prolifically throughout the lands that the Empire encompassed. Castles...

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Ramadan Podcast

This podcast has helped me understand that Ramadan is not just a holy month for Muslims due to fasting but also holds importance for them for several other reasons including revelation of Quran. It seems that the main purpose of fasting is to understand and sympathize with poor people by...

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Who Speaks For Islam

I admit John L. Esposito’s Who Speaks for Islam? came as a surprise to me because it painted a very different picture of Muslims compared to what I believed but I am glad I read it because it has also taught me several valuable lessons. The first thing I noticed...

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Muslim American Women on Campus

The discussion on “Muslim American Women on Campus,” explains that the book has numerous intentions which are geared at the different viewpoints and lifestyles of the various readers. For example, there are sections of the discussion related to how the Muslim Women can maintain their traditions and faith while also...

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