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Muslims and America

This essay discusses my views on Christians and Muslims before and after watching an episode from the U.S. television series 30 Days, which is called “Muslims and America.” In the documentary, a Christian man Dave Stacey is placed outside his comfort zone, namely in the Muslim community. Dave has to...

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Muslim Ban

Protesters with signs reading “Love Trumps Hate” and “America, Land of Immigrants” milled around New York’s JFK airport late Friday night. Most of the people, bundled warmly against the frosty evening, wandered about with their families in tow. Mark Abrahams, of New York City, had both of his young daughters...

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I am Muslim Because…

I am Muslim because it is a way of life for me. True, inherent in the word “Muslim” is the idea that one follows the religion of Islam, but it is so much more that. How I see myself, the world, and other people is all filtered through a “Muslim...

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Extant Literature on Muslim Male and Female Public Behavior

Theme 1: Muslim male and females sitting separately at tables in public/ table segregationGender segregation at tables in public is part of the practice in Islam where boys and men are separated from girls and women in social settings (Khimish, 2014: p133). Often referred to as the prescriptive prohibition of...

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How Muslim suffer in Color Line, Veil, and double Consciousness

The issue of minority groups being discriminated against is not new in America. The case of Muslim minority groups is even worse given the increased cases of terrorist activities blamed on supposedly Muslim-affiliated groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In his comment on the issue of color discrimination, Du Bois...

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