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Muslim-Majority Countries

Colonization of Islamic world by European powers began in the 18th century, leading it to grave consequences since the principles of colonization seriously contradict the system of the Islamic countries. Although many countries were affected by colonization, the ways they dealt with colonizers were diverse. Hence, while Egyptians took drastic...

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Middle Eastern Cultural and Religious Perspectives

Every culture has different beliefs and may participate in various forms of religions or practice cultural customs. The culture of Middle Eastern people is no different. Many Middle Eastern people practice Islam, and they are called Muslims. Although they may practice prayer and study the Koran, they place high value...

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Core Beliefs of Islam

Belief in one GodThe core belief if that there is no other God who could be served of worshipped. To accept other gods or worship anyone/anything else is a sin. However, God is generous. He could forgive any sin, except for “if a person dies before repenting from it [sin]”...

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