I have always yearned to achieve a degree. Fortunately, I have had an opportunity of working in the most reputable companies such as Sony Pictures, Scholastic, Disney, WebMD, and Hulu. The working experience has created the interest for a degree in business and information systems management. Though I enjoy what I do as a consult, finishing my degree has always been my dream. That is why I wish to apply for online learning in UMass under the UWW program.

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I failed to graduate in 1995 (20 credits shy) for my undergraduate degree in Philosophy. However, I feel that this is the appropriate time and a great opportunity to achieve my degree through your UWW program. My employers have also encouraged me seeing I am an ambitious employee having risen through my corporate ladder through hard work and determination. It is for this reason I have chosen this reputable university as it offers online courses with no age limits. My learning would not interfere with my family or career as I intend to apply for a 100% online learning.

During the working period, I have gained a wealth of experience in different business areas. I have also realized that upgrading business knowledge would improve my service to my employer. I have also built eLearning systems before for Scholastic (Scholastic Red, an online learning platform for K12 teachers), I am that determined and prepared. Given this opportunity, it would not affect my career, but rather, it would strengthen it.

Having participated in business conferences at management levels has made me realize that achieving a degree in business and information systems is not an option. Furthermore, achieving a degree in business and information systems management through the UWW program at UMass Amherst would be such a privilege. Though I have risen through the cooperate ladder through hard work, I believe achieving the online degree would enable me to become more marketable, and still have the opportunity to spend quality time with family.

However, I feel that lack of a degree in business is limiting my ability to achieve more in my career. Joining UMASS has always been my aspiration, and UWW is going to make it happen. Your institution’s alumni and friends are a proud lot owing to their life achievements. I also wish to be part of this population.

Once I get the opportunity, I shall put extra effort to ensure I achieve my goals. I, therefore, feel UMass Amherst UWW program will give me an opportunity to take 100% online campus courses that fit into my busy life and also benefit me by adding credit to my prior learning and experience. UMass is indeed a reputable institution, having operated for over forty years, and have taken thousands of students through the online platform. This eLearning provides me the support and guidance I need to finish my degree in the comfort of my home and career. According to your profile, thousands of adults living throughout the U.S. and internationally have been awarded bachelor’s degrees through UMass UWW, and this is an immense achievement.

Your institution enrolls adult students even in their 70’s with an average of 37 years; hence the institution would suit me well as only a few universities do offer such services. Indeed, UMass gives so much in world class education, opportunities for personal and professional growth, lasting friendships, and lifelong memories. My dream of achieving the degree I deserve would become a reality through your institution, and I would acquire a better place in the in the business world. My goal is to head a big business institution like WebMD. Finishing my degree through your online platform would be uncomplicated as it would fit my busy schedule. At UMass, I am guaranteed of achieving my degree.

I am proudly aware of your university standards, and I am eager to attend and be part of it. I would gain considerably in achieving my goal as a graduate in the best university in the United States. I hope you shall give me this deserving privilege to achieve my dream of joining this reputable institution this coming semester.