Everybody knows that there are two types of cars. The one you are going to buy and ride, and the one that you dream of since childhood. You will never probably buy it, as it is too expensive, too cool or is no longer manufactured, but if you suddenly become rich after winning the lottery – you will spend all your money on it.

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For me, such car is Chevrolet Impala 64. This does not really look like a lady’s car, but for me, this car is the most impressive vehicle that ever existed. When I see it, I feel the spirit of West Coast, of California, sun, ocean. You never ride fast in such car, as it is made for comfortable, slow ride with your music knocking the speakers and fancy-looking friends in it. Its paintwork is shining so brightly on the sun that people around cannot distinguish the color from the first sight. It should only be a convertible version with white leather interior.

The bright chrome work on the car should make every old car’s owner jealous and every police officer interested. If police stop you, their first question should be: ‘where did you steal it?’

As for the wheels, these should be the nicest spinners ‘West Coast Customs’ tuning service can offer you. The engine is also fully chromed, clean, with no spilled oil around, roaring like it is not a 50-year-old car, but a new Bugatti. The last but not the least important part – the audio system. Unfortunately, this car is not suitable for packing the goods in the trunk after shopping as there is a huge subwoofer there. Speakers are located all over the car so that I hear every snare and kick, every bass. I hope I will never be too old to stop dreaming about it.