One brand that I really like are Skechers footwear. I really favor this brand for a few reasons. The main reason is comfort. I have owned several types of Skechers footwear, such as sandals, running shoes, sneakers, and other boots. In every case, all of the footwear proved extremely comfortable. The soles of all of Skechers footwear are solid and sturdy. I have never gotten blisters from wearing this brand of shoes. I also noticed that the usual break-in time that I usually need for other brands of footwear is not needed with Skechers. They feel perfect on my feet from the moment I slide them on to the moment I take them off. I also have a narrow foot, something that makes it harder to find comfortable footwear. Research shows that having a narrow foot, especially a narrow heel can cause problems in finding shoes that fit one’s feet . However, Skechers shoes have always fit my feet perfectly.
Another reason that I like this brand is due to the price. Skechers shoes are quite affordable, and there always seems to be some type of sale for their footwear. The footwear is also of the highest quality. I still have Skechers shoes from 5 years ago, the footwear in good condition. None of the Skechers footwear that I have owned has fallen part, ripped, or gotten ruined from bad weather. I have worn Skechers out in the rain, in snow, and in sleet. Yet, all of the product has held up well. In addition to these reasons, Skechers also offers an array of varieties and styles. One only has to visit their website to see evidence of this . I also owned two pairs of white Skecher footwear, the footwear staying fairly clean in spite of much use.

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I am also not someone who likes crazy colors and styles. While I like some flair and uniqueness in my footwear, bright and outlandish colors, such as neon yellow and fluorescent pink, do not fit my personality. It is hard to match footwear to such bright hues. Constantly changing the laces to match one’s apparel can be annoying and time consuming. Fortunately, Skechers tend to be a bit more conservative. Colors such as brown, black, and white are quite prevalent and are a good fit with who I am. The Skechers brand is the style that I like to project out into the world.

The Skechers company has been successful building relationships with many different age groups. I know men, women, and children from the ages of 6 to 80, who love Skechers shoes. I have talked to many people who nod their head and smile when I say how much I like Skechers footwear. Many people have raved about their memory foam brand footwear, which many cite as extremely comfortable on one’s feet. That extra padding gives one’s soles some needed support and comfort, especially when someone has a job where one stands on one’s feet all day . I have held these types of jobs, my feet rarely feeling sore and tired when I am wearing Skechers.

While other brands of shows are popular, such as Nike and New Balance, I still prefer Skechers. I have noticed that when Nike footwear gets wet, it tends to get ruined. I also owned a pair of New Balance shoes. However, New Balance footwear tended to be pricier and the soles wore out in a shorter time period. I remember walking up a hill once and slipping. I checked the bottom of my sneakers and realized how worn the heels were after I only owned them for a few months. Another thing that I noticed is that the inside upper part of my New Balance sneakers separated. I had to open up the sneaker with a razor and pull out a hard piece that was irritating the back of my foot. I never had that problem with Skechers footwear. Nike and New Balance are not as comfortable on my feet. I have had problem with blisters and the shoes being too wide.

As you can see, there are many reasons that I like Skechers footwear, their comfort, affordable price, snug fit on my feet, and wide variety of styles making them my favorite footwear brand.

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