When I think of a morally good person, I think of an individual who doesn’t judge others but instead try to be understanding. Such a person understands people come from different circumstances and evaluating each person by the same criteria may not be the right approach. A morally good person is also one who carefully thinks about his own actions, especially, when such actions have the potential to impact people other than him. If our actions may impact others, we have a responsibility to take their interests into account as well.

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A morally good person doesn’t live for himself only but also for others. He appreciates his good fortune and also understands he has certain obligations as a citizen of the community. in other words, he makes positive contributions to the society. A morally good person is also respectful of differences. He treats others with respect and understands the right to free speech belongs to everyone. As a result, he gets along well with everyone.

A person with good morals observes the formal and informal rules. He may not agree with some of them but he understands his obligation to follow them in order to preserve law and order. He is driven by a sense of duty to be a responsible individual even if he may not agree with some of the rules. As a result, a morally good person helps preserve sense of order and harmony.

It is clear a morally good person is an exemplary member of the society. He is responsible in both his words and actions. He also appreciates diversity and is careful against judging others or evaluating them by his personal criteria. He also uses his gifts to helps others and bring comfort to them.