Most college students would benefit immensely from other extra-curricular activities besides books. Personally, I strongly believe that one should have time for sporting activities besides his or her studies. Though I love watching a variety of sports like rugby and basketball, swimming and soccer are my favorite sporting activities, which besides watching, I love to participate in.
Soccer is a family of team sports which involve kicking of a ball, passing it to a teammate with the aim of scoring a goal. I have known my dad to being a Manchester united fan ever since I was in grade two but I didn’t realize I had a talent in soccer until I joined high school. In school, we attend classes daily from eight in the morning until four in the evening when we have sporting activities until six in the evening. In our school, we have a soccer club whose members are soccer lovers. Even though most of the club members play soccer, there are others who are just fans of the game and players. Playing soccer is fun and is a great way to exercise one’s body. In my opinion, playing soccer is one of the best ways to make new friends, learn teamwork skills and to have fun with them while working on my fitness and keeping myself healthy.

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Besides soccer, swimming is another sporting activity I enjoy doing during my leisure. I started swimming when I was four years old. I spend most of my summer weekends swimming at my aunt’s place with my cousins Mary and John. Besides having fun with my cousins strengthen our family bond, one feels fresh and stress free after swimming. Moreover, swimming has health benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, building muscles strength and keeping one’s heart rate up.

Although the fundamental reason of going to school is to acquire knowledge, sporting activities should be given time. Physical exercise is good for one’s body, health and mind. Sporting activities shouldn’t be looked at as education distractors or time wasting activities. Many footballers and athletes do better in academics. Also, sports enable one to learn traits like dedication, teamwork and leadership.