My best space is my bedroom. Over the past years, I have travelled to many places with expensive furniture, but the areas do not have my taste and feel. My house is a right place for me to live but my bedroom remains my best space. Particularly, I decorated the space myself and made sure that it reflects my character. Therefore, my bedroom is a space where I release stress, unwind, and sleep peacefully.

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Stress Relieving
It is important to note that stress is an everyday occurrence due to work and life decisions. I like to retreat to my bedroom at night where I can release tension without interruptions. I do not watch television in my bedroom but instead, have an old-school music player where I mostly play jazz and orchestra music. The music is soothing to my ears and helps me relax after a long day.

When I purchased my house, I was specific about getting a home with a master bedroom with a balcony facing the country. I was lucky to get the house of my dream and specifically my bedroom. After a hard day at work, I sit in my armchair sipping coffee and Unwind from the daily happenings.

Sleep is vital form since I work ten hours a day. I sleep well in a quiet and familiar environment. My bedroom is my most comfortable place to relax. Whenever I visit a friend and have to spend a night in his or her home, I find it hard to sleep. I have painted my bedroom with warm colours to ensure that I quickly fall asleep.

Any space can be a good space, but one has only one best area. My bedroom is my best space because it is stress relieving, helps me unwind and sleep comfortably. I love the privacy of my bedroom and cannot trade it for anything.